The Betta fish is a popular pet among Singaporeans.

They are beautiful to look at and can be categorised based on their pattern, colour or tail type.

In this article, we’ll be differentiating between 13 different types of Betta fish by their tail type.

Here’s a quick video on some of the Bettas we’ll be talking about:

Common types of Betta fish

Crowntail Betta

crowntail betta

The Crowntail Betta has a tail and fins with spike-like characteristics. This is due to the reduced webbing between the rays of the fins.

Very aggressive
Dominant and territorial
Prefers to live alone

Combtail Betta

combtail bettaImage Credit:

Much like the Crowntail Betta, the Combtail also has rays at its fins. However, the size of its webbing is noticeably larger, reaching up to ⅔ of the way up its tail.

Can only be produced by selective breeding

Plakat Betta

plakat bettaImage Credit: Fishkeeping World

Also known as the short-finned Betta, the Plakat is a fish with large strong bodies, powerful jaws and a short tail.

This species is rumoured to be the ancestor of all other Betta fishes.

Extremely aggressive
Very active
Known for trying to jump out of the aquarium

Veiltail Betta

veiltail bettaImage Credit: LoveToKnow

The Veiltail is a common type of Betta that is widely available. You can tell this species apart from the others by its long and drooping tail.

Easy to breed
Less aggressive
Weak swimmer

Half Moon Betta

half moon bettaImage Credit: Flickr

The name of this species comes from its caudal fin which fans out at a 180° angle. As the shape resembles a semi-circle, this fish was named the Halfmoon.

Quite aggressive

Over-Half Moon Betta

over-half moon bettaImage Credit: Japanese Fighting Fish

Unlike the Half Moon, the tail of an Over-Half Moon Betta can spread and reach over 180° around its body.

Quite aggressive

Rosetail Betta

rosetail betta

Image Credit: AquaFood

The Rosetail Betta is a beautiful variation of the Halfmoon. The main difference between the two is that the Rosetail has ruffled edges that resemble the petals of a rose.

Quite aggressive
Not recommended for new owners

Feather Tail Betta

feather tail bettaImage Credit: Siam Betta Fish UK

The Feather Tail Betta is very similar to the Rosetail. However, the Feather Tail has more excessive branching of its fin rays, giving it an even more ruffled appearance.

Quite aggressive

Delta Betta

delta bettaImage Credit: Japanese Fighting Fish

The Delta Betta has a tail that starts out narrow towards the body and widens towards the tip, forming a triangular shape. The shape of its tail resembles the Greek alphabet, delta (Δ).

Possibility of aggression varies for each individual fish

Rare types of Betta fish

Double Tail Betta

double tail bettaImage Credit: Fity Club

The Double Tail Betta is a type of fish that has two distinct tails. Due to a genetic mutation, its caudal fins are separated at the base and grow in two lobes rather than one.

This species is rare as its babies tend to have a low survival rate.

Possibility of aggression varies for each individual fish
More prone to swim bladder disease
Not recommended to breed with other types

Half Sun Betta

half sun bettaImage Credit: Japanese Fighting Fish

The Half Sun Betta seems to be a combination of the Half Moon and Crowntail/Combtail Bettas.

This fish has a large tail that spreads 180° wide like a Half Moon. It also features slight crowning between the fin rays and has webbing like the Crowntail and Combtail species.

Quite aggressive

Round Tail Betta

round tail bettaImage Credit: Pinterest

The Round Tail Betta is a fish that has a fully rounded tail with no straight edges. This species is said to be extremely rare.

Comes in many patterns and colours

Spadetail Betta

spade tail bettaImage Credit:

The Spadetail Betta has anal and dorsal fins of a Veiltail. Meanwhile, its caudal fins flare out and curve to form a pointed tail in the shape of a spade.

Less aggressive

Others types of Betta fish (Bonus!)

Giant Betta

giant bettaImage Credit: Pinterest

As its name suggests, the Giant Betta is a supersized variation of a standard Betta. This fish is differentiated not by its tail, but it’s mammoth size.

Their size is a result of extensive selective breeding.

Possibility of aggression varies for each individual fish

Dumbo Ear Betta

dumbo ear bettaImage Credit: Fishkeeping World

This species of Betta has extra-large pectoral fins which resemble elephant ears. Hence, it is also referred to as the Elephant Ear Betta.

Quite aggressive
Can be found as any tail type

Raising a Betta Fish in Singapore

There are a wide range of beautiful and majestic looking Betta for fish lovers to choose as pets.

However, before you decide to rear one, it’s best you read our basic guide on buying and caring for a Betta fish in Singapore.

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