11 Viral TikTok Dog Challenges You Can Try To Create New Memories With Your Furchild

Are you that modern-day pawrent who’s always looking to have fun with your furkid? With TikTok dog challenges becoming increasingly popular amongst pet owners, there are now so many ways you can bond with your furchild! 

What better way to have fun with these 11 challenges we’ve found you, from the Blanket challenge to the What The Fluff challenge. Try them out and we’re sure they’ll leave you and your dogs with stronger bonds and greater happiness!

1. Blanket Challenge

Play hide and seek in a different style with the blanket challenge! Firstly, place a blanket that is large enough to cover you completely right next to you. Play with your dogs to distract them, and when they aren’t looking, hide under your blanket! 

If your dogs fall for the trick, they’ll run all around looking for you or pace in panic. They might even walk around you frantically as if they can’t see you!


2. Call Your Dog Challenge

Try calling your furchild’s name many times when they’re right beside you and tricking them into thinking you can’t see them. They might look confused and even bark to get your attention.

A simple challenge but the results are really funny. And if you’re lucky, you might even get to see the heartwarming sides of your furchildren! 



We couldn’t keep it together and Riley is judging HARD 🤣

♬ original sound – Riley 🐶

3. Clap For Your Dog Challenge

Just like babies, dogs love being the centre of attention. Gather your family and friends around your furchild, and start giving them a huge round of applause and see what they do! Do that for a minute and you’ll see how excited you’ve gotten them, just like the Golden Retriever above!

The praise and attention they’re receiving will not only make them feel good, but also bring you so much joy!

4. Gasp At Your Dog Challenge

This is a cheeky challenge! Just as the title goes, gasp at your dogs and watch their reactions. Try gasping to see how your furchild reacts, but don’t forget to record the process! Some might get more excited as you gasp a few more times and some might look extremely baffled.

If you know that your dog is an anxious little one, you might want to be careful with gasping at them too many times.

5. Level Up Challenge


I did the levelupchallenge! Mahm ran out of toilet paper 😅 #puppytiktok #australianshepherdpuppy #dogchallenge #dogsoftiktok #dog

♬ Level Up – Ciara

This challenge requires a little setup, but it’ll be well worth it. You’ll be stacking rows of toilet paper rolls on the floor to see how high your furchild can jump! Starting with one row, you will add on more rows until your furchild topples the tower. 

Try this out and pair the recorded video with “Level Up” by Ciara to perfect this TikTok challenge. 


6. Obstacle Challenge

If testing their agility didn’t seem enough, you can test their mobility with this challenge. You begin by arranging obstacles, typically household items, in small, equal distances in a passageway at home. 

Place your pets away from you on the opposite end of the passageway and lure them over with treats or call for them. Regardless of how they fare, you can look forward to their adorable faces and reactions!


7. Patatak Dance Challenge

Dance to Patatak by Mine Craciun in front of your pets and watch how they react when the music beat picks up. Their reactions are diverse from dancing together with their pawrents to rib-tickling ones.

Try this challenge if you’re curious about how your furchild will react!

8. Run In The Opposite Direction Challenge

Also jokingly known as the ‘loyalty challenge’, you’ll be competing with your partner, your sibling or even your parents to see who’s your pet’s favourite! Place your pet between you and your competitor and run away in opposite directions suddenly.

Now, see who your pet follows. While there’s no scientific study to prove the hypothesis, we guarantee you nothing less than a big laugh!


9. Snoot Boop Challenge


There’s no chance Mia would snoot this donut if it was real 😅🍩😋😍 #corgi #cute #donutday #snootchallenge #snoot #whoa #whoachallenge #fyp

♬ Woah (feat. D3Mstreet) – KRYPTO9095

This is a viral internet craze that’s got dogs putting their noses through a circle their owners make with their hands! You can also try other shapes with your hands or objects, as long as they are big enough for your dogs to put their snouts through. 

Use “Woah (feat D3Mstreet)” by Krypto9095 for your video and you’ll have a TikTok masterpiece! 

Did you know that touch-based tricks are wonderful ways to form stronger bonds with your dog? Here’s a tip! If your dogs refuse to put their noses through the hole you make initially, you can try using treats to entice them. You may have to try a few times before succeeding!


10. Squat Your Dog Challenge


Work off that festive #dadbod squatyourdogchallenge. Bandit looks stoked on life #husky #dog

♬ 멍멍멍멍 – Tik Tok

This internet sensation is a refreshing workout exercise you can try at home. Do ensure that you’re able to withstand the weight of your furchild and they’re comfortable being lifted while you do your squats. 

Now, waste no time, shake up, lift your furchild up and start counting your squat reps! 

Be careful how you lift your dog — it’s advised to have your dog on your shoulders for the squat. Also pay attention to how your dog reacts. If your dog doesn’t feel secure in that position, it might leap off and hurt himself.

11. What The Fluff Challenge

Here’s another hide and seek challenge where you’ll have to perform a vanishing act at the doorway. Find a blanket that can hide you as you hold it up and lower it down to show your furchildren that you’re behind it. 

Repeat that few times before dropping the blanket while you run and hide elsewhere. Feel the thrill of getting caught by your furchild, or feel the cuteness of your dumbfounded furchild! 

Choose A TikTok Dog Challenge Your Furchild Will Enjoy

We hope you’ve had fun learning about the current TikTok dog challenges. Each furchild has their own personality and gives the best reactions around people they’re most comfortable with. 

As much as we all love a good laugh, it’s of utmost importance that you let your furchildren be themselves! Pick a challenge that you and your furchild will enjoy and try it out today!


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