Raw Alternative Dog Food: What It Is and Why It’s Good For Your Dog

Pet parents who are always on the lookout for the best diet for their dogs might have chanced upon or even tried the raw food diet. A raw food diet is one where you only feed your dogs uncooked meat and vegetables instead of the traditional ones you cook yourself or those commercially available.

In a study by Bio Med Central, they interviewed pet owners who follow a raw food diet for their dogs and what their motivations are for doing so.

What are their main motivations?

  • A raw food diet is a healthier and more natural diet for dogs.
  • They don’t understand the ingredients in commercial dog food and therefore don’t trust it.
  • They saw improvements in their dogs like shinier coat, muscle mass gain, and cleaner teeth.
  • They were able to control the quality and composition of their dogs’ raw food meals.

While a lot of pet parents swear by this kind of diet – they even go as far as saying their dogs’ poop has become less stinky.

But while there’s some truth in what they say about natural food being healthier for dogs, raw food diets come with some risks.

The risks of raw feeding

dog holding a slab of raw meat in its mouth
  • If you prepare your dogs’ raw food on your own, you might be missing out on the essential nutrients which expertly prepared dog food contains.
  • Raw meat might have bacteria, parasites, and pathogens that can only be killed by heating which can lead to diseases.
  • Raw food might contain bones that some dogs can’t digest properly, so it could either get stuck in their stomach, or the splinter could injure their internal organs.
  • The bacteria in your dogs’ raw food might cross-contaminate the food being eaten by humans in the household, putting both you and your dog at risk.

So, how do you take advantage of the goodness of a raw dog food diet without the harmful risks? This is where raw alternative dog food comes in.

As the name suggests, it’s the better alternative to a raw dog food diet.

What is raw alternative dog food?

  • It contains real raw meat, vegetables, superfoods, and other nutrient-rich ingredients.
  • It’s carefully prepared by pet nutrition specialists to make sure that it has all the nutrients your dog needs.
  • It’s gently air-dried to get rid of harmful bacteria while preserving its nutrients and flavor.

Studies have also shown that the benefits pet owners claim to have reaped from their dogs’ raw food diets can also be achieved by simply feeding your dog a nutritious and balanced diet.

Where else can you get that than from expertly prepared raw alternative dog food by a trusted brand with a proven track record?

Addiction raw alternative dog food

Raw alternative pet food from Addicition

When it comes to raw alternative dog food, Addiction Pet Food has proven their expertise. They currently have six variants you can choose from:

  • Country Chicken and Apricot Dinner
    • Made with cage-free New Zealand chicken free from growth hormones combined with the sweetness of fresh apricots. 
  • Herbed Lamb and Potatoes Entree
    • Made with grass-fed New Zealand lamb seasoned with fragrant rosemary and thyme coupled with hearty potatoes. It’s gluten- and soy-free.
  • Homestyle Venison and Cranberry Dinner
    • Made with the highest-quality, sustainably sourced, free-ranged venison, a novel protein, and infused with the many health benefits of cranberries. Perfect for dogs allergic to beef, chicken, and lamb.
  • Outback Kangaroo Feast
    • Made with lean, high-quality prized wild Kangaroo meat from New Zealand. This novel protein can help keep your dogs’ meat allergies at bay.
  • Perfect Summer Brushtail
    • Made with Omega 3-rich brushtail that is both nutritious and delicious for your dogs. It’s gluten- and soy-free. Brushtail is also a novel protein that can help dogs allergic to beef, chicken, and lamb.
  • Steakhouse Beef and Zucchini Entrée
    • Made with grass-fed New Zealand beef free from growth hormones balanced with the nutrients of zucchini. It’s gluten- and soy-free.

What makes Addiction’s raw alternative dog food good?

All of Addiction’s raw alternative dog food contains all the benefits you’re looking for in a perfect diet for your beloved dogs:

  • It’s formulated with human-grade ingredients so it’s as safe as it can get.
  • It’s made with coconut oil that helps keep your dogs’ skin healthy and their coat shiny.
  • It’s packed with nutrient-rich superfoods including carrots, flaxseeds, papayas, cranberries, blueberries, mangoes, apples, basil, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, and spinach to help fight free radicals and boost the disease-fighting immune system.
  • It’s cooked in a low temperature, rapid-air drying technology to keep pet food safe from harmful bacteria while ensuring maximum nutritional benefits.

Why you should try Addiction’s raw alternative dog food

owner hiking with his dog

Apart from the high-quality novel proteins, nutrient-rich ingredients, balanced nutrition, and careful preparation of raw alternative dog food, there are more reasons why you should give this diet a try.

  • It’s lightweight so it’s easy to pack while traveling with your dog.
  • It’s much fresher than kibbles but is as easy to prepare.
  • There are 5 ways to prepare it to make sure your dog never loses appetite for their raw alternative dog food:
    • Serve it dry
    • Rehydrate it with water
    • Mix in some kibbles
    • Incorporate it to home cooked foods
    • Blend it with canned food

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Reminder: Always introduce new food slowly and to also consult your vet about the best diet for your dogs!

This article was brought to you by Addiction Pet Food.


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