Some of us may not have the luxury of space to keep a dog or cat, smaller animals such as rabbits naturally become a possible option. These smaller creatures are easier to manage and they are ideal for first time pet owners who wish to save the trouble of potty training and other possible hassles. If you are considering to own a rabbit, why not explore adoption before shopping at a pet shop? Rabbit adoption may not be as common compared to cats and dogs, but there are certainly some shelters out there that house some bunnies looking for a nice second home.


1. Bunny Wonderland

Apart from adoption service, Bunny Wonderland provides workshops to educate the public on rabbit ownership. These workshops are usually conducted by a veterinarian and they allow potential owners to learn about all the necessary information before they commit to one.

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2. House Rabbit Society

This all-volunteer non profit group aims to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits through adoption drive. Their website also provides some basic information on rabbit ownership for potential owners.

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Apart from dogs and cats, SPCA houses some smaller animals for adoption and this includes rabbits. Though it doesn’t specialises in rabbits, you may still find a suitable bunny to bring home!

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4. Advertisements from pet owners

There are plenty of advertisements for the adoption of rabbits online or in print classifieds. Some rabbit owners may post notices on online forums or notice boards at supermarkets or condominium clubhouses, etc.

Sometimes, these pet owners may advertise using the word “adoption” but upon further negotiation, it turns out more to be an outright sale. These pet owners apparently have not sterilised their rabbits and have even allowed them to mate. Do not encourage such irresponsible behaviour by buying bunnies from them. The only exception whereby you can consider buying a bunny is when the pet owners have sterilised the parent rabbits after the litter was born in order to prevent future accidental mating. You may request to view the certificate of sterilisation in such cases.

Some other rabbit owners, due to their personal circumstances are selling their adult rabbits, while some others are selling or giving away rabbits that they have found. It is advisable to meet up with the rabbit owner at the place where the rabbit resides to see and interact with the rabbit before making any decision.

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