6 Pet Sitting Services and Matching Platforms in Singapore for Your Next Vacation

In Singapore, hiring a pet sitter whenever you go on vacation can be easy and convenient due to the number of websites and services available. However, do be mindful to conduct your own checks on these options, as pet-sitting services are not fully regulated here.

A pet sitter provides care for your pet in his own home while you’re away. During this period, the sitter will visit for as long and as often as agreed upon. This is unlike pet boarding where your pet is left at the centre for a stipulated duration.

Some pet sitting services include:

  • Feeding
  • Dog walking
  • Grooming
  • Monitoring your pet’s health

If your pet has special dietary needs and medication, instructions can be left for the sitter as well. In addition to daily visits, some pet sitters also offer overnight sits and house sitting.

House sitting is when the sitter stays and looks after a house while the owner is away. Responsibilities may include cleaning the house, collecting mail, watering the plants, and caring for their pets.

Disclaimer: Pet Lovers Centre does not endorse any of the organisations mentioned, nor do we endorse their views and services. This article is meant for education purposes only. Kindly do your own research before engaging any service.

Advantages of Pet Sitting

Dog sitting on sofa

Engaging the services of a pet sitter offers many advantages including:

  • Familiar environment for your pet
  • Uninterrupted routines
  • Eliminating travel stress
  • Less risk of exposure to illnesses

This is also a popular option for owners who have pets with medical conditions and require more attention. Pets with anxiety issues such as being shy, unsociable and aggressive towards others will also benefit from being cared for at home.

Furthermore, pet sitters can check on your home daily and help with simple errands such as watering plants and receiving deliveries.

Pet Sitting Providers in Singapore

Scrolling through a seemingly never-ending list of pet sitting providers may leave you feeling overwhelmed. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of pet sitters in Singapore that you can count on.

1. K9 Pet Care

K9 Pet Care team holding their certificates

Founded by Daniel in 2014, K9 Pet Care is made up of a small team of pet sitters who had to pass strict interviews and tests. In addition to being certified in pet first aid and CPR, each sitter is trained in maintaining home security and pet safety.

To engage their services, you can either email, Facebook message or call them. Thereafter, a representative will contact you to find out more about your pet and the services you need.

Type of ServicePrices
Dog walking$38 - $50+ (~1 hour)
Pet sitting
(Only available in Central and East regions of Singapore)
From $38+ per visit

Phone: 9631 8962

2. Singapore Pet Sitters

Singapore Pet Sitters website homepage

Established in 2014, Singapore Pet Sitters provides dog and cat sitting, dog walking, and chaperoning services. Their team abides by a code of ethics, which instructs all sitters to love clients’ pets like their own, protect their clients’ homes and property, fulfil their duties and communicate openly with clients. 

You may call or message Singapore Pet Sitters via WhatsApp to make a booking.

Type of ServicePrices
Dog walking$40 - $50+
Pet sittingFrom $40 - $50
Cat sitting$40 - $50

3. Wagging Tails and Playful Paws

Dogs staying at Wagging Tails and Playful Paws

Situated in the North, Wagging Tails and Playful Paws offers dog walking and sitting services. Their staff are known to be professional and accommodating, and worried pawrents can rest assured since they’ll receive updates on their pet throughout the sitting duration.

Number of DogsLength of SessionCost
130 mins$40
60 mins$75
230 mins$65
60 mins$100
330 mins$90
60 mins$125

Pet Sitting Matching Platforms in Singapore

If you need a sitter who can provide more personalised services, you may want to try a pet sitting platform. The platform allows you to browse a list of sitters based on your specific needs. For example, if your dog requires more medical attention, you can look for a sitter who’s an expert at administering medication. 

4. Pawshake Singapore

Dog standing on a concrete bench sticking its tongue out

Price: No membership fee; pay only for the sitter you choose

Signing up for an account on the Pawshake website is free; you’ll only need to pay for the sitter you choose. It’s claimed that pet sitters listed with them have been carefully vetted. However, do check out reviews of each Pawshake pet sitter and meet them before deciding on one.

Pawshake offers responsive in-house customer support and a comprehensive booking guarantee. Furthermore, they claim to cover all medical expenses in the unlikely event that your pet falls ill during a booking.

5. PetBacker

Dog hugging cat to sleep on bed

Price: No membership fee; pay only for the sitter you choose.

PetBacker is an international pet sitting platform with more than 1,000 verified pet caretakers in Singapore. In addition to pet sitting, they also offer pet transportation and grooming services.

To book a service, you can either filter through all available pet sitters on their website or use their app to request up to 5 quotations from pet sitters.

Through the PetBacker app, you can stay connected with your sitter and receive real-time reports and photos of your pet.

6. Trusted House Sitters

Pet sitter from Trusted House Sitters walking multiple dogs on a leash

Trusted House Sitters is a pet sitting platform that operates based on an annual membership plan. They offer 3 different packages designed to suit your needs – basic, standard and premium.

During this period, members are entitled to an unlimited number of sitting services at no additional cost. This is a viable option for pet owners who are frequently away.

To engage a sitter, you’re required to create a listing with images and information about your pet and home. Simply update the listing with the dates you require a pet sitter and you’ll start receiving applications from interested sitters.

Type of MembershipPrices
Basic Pet Parent$179 per year
(unlimited sits)
Standard Pet Parent$229 per year
(unlimited sits; includes a money-back guarantee, free video calls with vets, and dedicated member support)
Premium Pet Parent$359 per year
(unlimited sits; includes 2 global airport lounge passes, cancellation insurance and a premium badge on your listing)

How to Choose a Pet Sitter in Singapore

While we hate to leave home without our furry companions, there are times when hiring a pet sitter is necessary. Therefore, understanding how to select and qualify a suitable pet sitter helps to ensure your pet receives the best care while you’re away.

Check the Sitter’s References

In addition to recommendations from friends, many online platforms allow you to check the reviews of each pet sitter. A high number of returning customers may be a good indicator of the quality of service provided by that sitter.

See if the Sitter has Rapport with Your Pet

When interviewing a potential pet sitter, it helps to have that talk in your own home to observe how well they interact with your pet.

Evaluate the Sitter’s Reliability

Apart from finding someone that won’t bail on you, it’s also important that you understand their cancellation policies, lead time and contingency plans. A responsible sitter will remain contactable and send you regular updates on your pet.

FAQs about Pet Sitting in Singapore

With pet sitting, a sitter will go to your home to care for your pet. It’s often the preferred option for introverted pets and ones who don’t adapt well to change.

With pet boarding, your pet will stay at a boarding centre while you’re away. It’s a good option to consider if your furry friend is adaptable and unafraid of new environments.

Your pets aren’t meant to be left alone for a prolonged period of time. Apart from their basic needs, such as food and water, they require company too. Thus, a pet sitter can provide that element of interaction while you’re away from home. This is especially important for pets with separation anxiety.

Furthermore, pet sitters can provide constant care for pets who require medical attention. Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is well-taken care of even when you’re away.

In general, the questions you ask should help you determine if the sitter is a good match for your pet, and if they’re able to meet your pet’s needs. Some questions to consider asking include:

  • Do you like pet sitting?
  • How do you handle behavioural problems?
  • Are you familiar with administering medication?
  • Can you help with my animal’s special needs?
  • How much time can you spend with my pet?
  • How would you handle an emergency?

The cost of dog sitting in Singapore depends on the sitter’s experience, the pet and his size, the number of hours and whether grooming or medication is required. This is the average price:

  • Per visit: $30 – $65
  • Overnight stay: $50 – $100


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