Ask any pet owner and they’ll tell you that one of their biggest fears is that their beloved pet might fall ill. Wanting your fur baby to always be in the pink of health is one thing, but the rising costs of pet healthcare is also something that all homeowners have to contend with whenever their pet needs to pay the vet a visit.

As such, more pet owners are turning to pet insurance to help offset any costs resulting from unexpected injuries or illnesses to their pet. Some policies even cover the costs incurred for death or if your pet causes injury or damage to others and their property.

1. Happy Tails

Underwritten by MSIG Singapore and arranged by Aon Singapore, Happy Tails prides themselves as being the only online pet insurance provider in Singapore offering lifetime coverage for pets (subject to your pet’s eligibility). This even includes hereditary and congenital conditions that other providers might not cover.

Do note that while your pets will be covered for accidents occurring immediately after the policy commences, illnesses will only be covered 3 months after the policy commences.

Get a quote and find out if your pet is eligible at their website.


2. Paw Safe Pet Insurance

A subsidiary of AIA Singapore, Paw Safe insures dogs between three months to eight years old and covers most breeds aside from Pit Bull Terriers, Canary Dogs, Mastiffs, and American Pit Bull Terriers.

Aside from subsidising your vet bills, Paw Safe also provides support in the event of theft of your dog, death, and injuries to others as well as damage to third party property.


3. PetCare

An affiliate of Liberty Insurance Singapore, PetCare was Singapore’s first insurance product for pets. PetCare covers up to 70% of vet bills up to $10,000 each year and also gives you the freedom to use any licensed vet in Singapore.

Aside from that, they also provide discounts on premiums if you don’t make any claims over certain periods. When it comes to insurance, not having to make a claim is always a good thing right?



With these different insurance providers, it can be quite tough figuring out which one is best suited for your pet. Consider using an insurance buying platform like Insurance Market to quickly compare between the different policies available.

Insurance Market also currently has an exclusive offer for Pet Lovers Centre VIP members, who can get a 10% discount on their policy premiums by entering the promo code ‘PLCDIS1’.

While healthcare for pets is a lot pricier (in general) than a polyclinic visit for us, pet insurance is relatively affordable with premiums as low as $6 a month. With that being the case, why not get your pet covered so you can relax as your pet goes through the journey of life with you?

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