It is common knowledge that there’s no shortage of abandoned or stray pets who aren’t fortunate to have a home to call their own. Even with shelters actively rescuing these strays and organising adoption drives, numbers remain high and have resulted in the “adopt, don’t shop” movement.

Here’s a list of established pet shelters you can check out to hopefully find that special fur pal for life.

Dog Shelters and Adoption Centres

Dog Adoption Centre - Action for SingaporeAction for Singapore Dogs

Not only does ASD allow you to browse their Singapore Specials online, they also organise regular adoption drives for you to interact with them.

To date, ASD has rehomed more than 3,000 dogs. They also have another 150 housed at their Adoption & Rescue Centre and foster homes.

If you’re ready for a pet in your life, you can also contribute in other ways such as volunteering and donating.

Dog Adoption Centre - Adopt A Dog SingaporeAdopt A Dog

Adopting a dog with AAD is simple. Simply

  • browse their page for the available ones for adoption
  • send a text message to or email AAD to let them know
  • schedule a meeting with the dog to see if his/her personality is suitable for your family and
  • consider your decision carefully

If you have decided to adopt the dog, all you need to do is to sign an adoption form and you can bring him home.

Thereafter, the team at AAD will be more than happy to give you their professional advice should you need any.

They also partner with various welfare groups to help reach out to more potential pet parents.

Dog Adoption Centre - Chained Dog Awareness in SingaporeChained Dog Awareness

CDA is a platform that raises awareness of dogs that have been chained up and mistreated. Since they started out in 2015, they have built a strong network of volunteers and followers who seek to keep a lookout for suffering dogs.

If you’re looking to adopt a furkid that deserves to be pampered, follow the CDA Facebook page for opportunities to bring them home.

Dog Adoption Centre - Exclusively Mongrels LimitedExclusively Mongrels

Many prospective dog owners often drool over pure breeds like Corgis or Golden Retrievers when searching for a dog, which leaves our mongrels (or “Singapore Specials”) forgotten and unwanted.

Exclusively Mongrels is a dog shelter focused on rescuing and rehoming these street dogs while educating the public that our local mutts are equally affectionate and will make great pets.

The team conducts two house visits and will also provide new owners with a starter pack of treats, shampoo, toys, and food bowls.

Dog Adoption Centre - MercyLight Adoption SingaporeMercyLight Adoption

In 2009, a group of volunteers dedicated their time to feeding stray dogs every evening. After many years of keeping that up, MercyLight was established in 2015 with over 100 personnel.

The team features one of their dogs every morning to introduce these charming personalities to their followers. What a great way to connect these lovely dogs to potential owners!

Dog Adoption Centre - Paws N Help Outreach SingaporePaws N Help Outreach

Paws N Help Outreach is supported by many pet parents and lovers in Singapore. The adoption fee is $100, on top of a sterilisation deposit of $200.

It is compulsory for all prospective adopters and household members to undergo a short interview to ascertain their suitability for adoption. During the scheduled visit, all queries will be answered to the best of the team’s knowledge.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the dogs up for adoption:
Dog Adoption Centre - Paws N Help Outreach FAQ

59 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699014
(Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang)
Strictly by appointment only

Dog Adoption Centre - Save Our Street Dogs Singapore SOSDSave Our Street Dogs (SOSD)

The founder of SOSD, Dr Siew Tuck Wah is a cosmetic doctor who has taken a sabbatical to focus on the shelter. The team rescues abandoned dogs and even goes to the extent of bailing out strays impounded by the AVA.

Dog Adoption Centre - The Right to LiveThe Right to Live

Dogs are featured on the TRTL Facebook page every week and interested adopters may Facebook message the team for any queries.

Prior to signing the adoption papers, your chosen dog will stay at your home for 2 weeks as a trial assessment of whether he fits into your lifestyle. Contact Rodney at 9819 2839 for anything related to adoption, fostering and volunteering!

Dog Adoption Centre - Voices For Animals SingaporeVoices for Animals

VFA holds regular adoption drives which are updated promptly on their Facebook page. For their most recent March adoption event, they even got Cesar Millan to do a shout out clip!

Occasionally, there will also be cats, rabbits and other small pets available for you to bring home. If you’re keen to adopt any pets seen on their page, you may enquire via email; Facebook direct messages will not be entertained.

Cat Shelters and Adoption Centres

Cat Adoption Centre - Cat Welfare SocietyCat Welfare Society

Established in 1999, CWS was founded following a newspaper report about 5 kittens being burnt alive in a box, an act which spurred like-minded cat lovers to come together to help better the lives of stray cats in Singapore.

Adopting a trap-neuter-return-manage approach towards managing the stray population in Singapore, CWS are constantly on the lookout for volunteers to help at the shelter as well as at their regular adoption drives.

Cat Adoption Centre - Love Kuching ProjectLove Kuching Project

While CWS is focused on population control, Love Kuching Project is a community-based cat rescue group that rescues and rehabilitates ill or injured strays before nursing them back to health.

Aside from putting these cats up for adoption, they also have a cat therapy initiative. An Outreach Team is formed to conduct these therapy sessions for seniors in nursing homes as well as for special needs students.

Another way to be involved is to sign up as a play/clean volunteer. Based on a strict schedule, you will play with the cats and help to clean them after according to your availability.

Cat Adoption Centre - Project SOKS Save Our Street Kittens SingaporeProject Save Our Street Kittens

This project was launched in collaboration with the Cat Welfare Society to rescue and rehome more kittens. Every rescued kitten is brought to the homes of SOSK founders to encourage interaction with humans.

They focus mainly on kittens that are 4 weeks old and younger. Do visit their Facebook page for updates on those available for adoption.

Another way to help is to donate the supplies as requested on their page, or message them to find out what they need. Monetary donations are not accepted at the moment.

Cat Adoption Centre - St John Island's CatsSt. John Island’s Cats

You’d be surprised to know that St John Island has over 100 stray cats roaming around! The St John Island’s Cats team was then formed by a group of volunteers to rescue and care for these cats.

While their events and volunteer programmes are usually adhoc, there’s something inherently therapeutic about travelling to a quiet island nearby to care for a sea of cats.

You can follow them on their Facebook page for updates on upcoming events and activities.

Cat Adoption Centre - The Cat MuseumThe Cat Museum

To date, The Cat Museum has rescued more than 400 cats. The premise is absolutely fascinating with 4 storeys in total. The 2nd floor features a museum of all things cat related, while the 3rd floor allows visitors to interact with the cats up for adoption. The top floor is The Mansion where the founder’s adopted cats would be housed.

If you’re looking to adopt a feline friend, simply WhatsApp 9337 5268 to arrange for an appointment to meet the kitties.

8 Purvis Street, Singapore 188587
(Nearest MRT: Esplanade, Bugis)

9337 5268

Adoption Centres for Dogs and Cats

Cat Adoption Centre - Animal Lovers LeagueAnimal Lovers League

As Singapore’s largest and oldest registered animal charity, Animal Lovers League rescues both cats and dogs and has a strict no-kill policy, which has resulted in their facility housing a whopping 700 animals in total.

As with most established shelters, they will first interview you and conduct a home visit to ensure your household is suitable for a pet. They’ll even follow up with you after two weeks to ensure that your new pet is well-adjusted.

Dog and Cat Adoption Centre - Causes for Animals SingaporeCauses for Animals Singapore

Adopting a puppy with CAS costs about $70 – $120, while a dog over 6 months costs $250. Cats and kittens will cost around $80 – $150. Exact prices will be determined based on the procedures required.

If you’re a first-time dog owner, you are strongly advised to go for training classes together with your pet. These classes will aid you to adapt to a lifestyle with a pet and how to train them effectively.

9793 7162 / 9697 3491

Dog and Cat Adoption Centre - HOPE Dog RescueHOPE Dog Rescue


Nope, you didn’t read it wrong – HOPE Dog Rescue has both dogs AND cats for adoption! They also house special needs dogs so if you have room in your heart, adopt them and you’ll soon find out that they’re the ones who will teach you about resilience and love.

Other ways to help would be as a driver, photographer or volunteer for their events.

Dog and Cat Adoption Centre - Mutts & Mittens Dogs and Cats for AdoptionMutts & Mittens


Other than pet boarding services, Mutts & Mittens helps pets to rehome as well.  Adoption fees for dogs and cats are $250 and $100 respectively.

The process includes multiple play dates with your choice of dog or cat and a 2-week to 1-month trial stay prior to finalising the adoption.

6583 7371 / 6583 7372

Rabbit Adoption Centres

Rabbit Adoption Centre - Bunny WonderlandBunny Wonderland

Apart from adoption services, Bunny Wonderland provides workshops to educate the public on rabbit ownership. These workshops are usually conducted by a veterinarian and they allow potential owners to learn about all the necessary information before they commit to one.

Rabbit Adoption Centre - House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)House Rabbit Society Singapore

This all-volunteer non-profit group aims to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits through adoption drives. Their website also provides an extensive bunny care guide for potential owners.

Adoption Centres for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits

Adoption Centre for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits - Purely AdoptionsPurely Adoptions

Purely Adoptions houses dogs, cats and even rabbits. Not to mention the fact that there are detailed profiles of the pets up for adoption on their website so you can take a look without having to physically attend an adoption drive.

They also provide adopters with an attractive goodie bag for their new fur pal, as well as 20% off sterilisation fees at their partner vets. The fees for adopting dogs range from $250 to $350, while cats are priced between $100 to $250.

Adoption Centre for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) SingaporeSociety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

Other than dogs and cats, SPCA houses some smaller animals for adoption as well. These small pets include rabbits, guinea pigs, skinny pigs, chinchillas and hamsters for $10 to $100. Dogs, cats and kittens cost $180, $80 and $100 respectively.

50 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699012
(Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang)

6287 5355

Adopting the Right Pet for Your Family

A pet is like a new family member; it’s a lifetime commitment to care for a furry friend and that decision should therefore, be carefully thought through. Only bring a pet into your life if you’re ready for such a responsibility.

If you’re considering to adopt a dog, refer to this article: 5 Things To Know If You Are Considering To Adopt A Dog In Singapore before making your decision!

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