Surfing Instagram has become a national pastime. With millions of accounts vying for your attention, there is one category that has remained as a favourite amongst the users – adorable animals. We scoured the IG planet and present you these 8 Insta-famous dogs that will brighten every second of your swiping and double tapping pleasure. Enjoy!


Corgis are endearing and Ralph takes the cake for most of us. This adorable 3 years old corgi not only command a strong 316k following on Instagram, the owner also set up a dedicated site ( for him. If you can’t get enough of him, you can purchase a 2019 calendar and adore him for 365 days.


Maddie is definitely one of the most followed dogs on Instagram! Her owner, Theron Humphrey, started a page to document their journey into the wild and they have a MAD following of 1.4 million! Not only the pictures are artistically shot, Maddie’s expression is also priceless – looking like she’s enjoying every moment with her owner.


Finding Momo has become an Instagram favourite pastime. Momo is constantly on the road with owner, Andrew Knapp, and Momo is often “hidden” in the pictures. Followers get to do a round of Where’s Wally by spotting where exactly Momo is hiding. You can also purchase their works (books and calendar) on their official website


This dog means fashion. Beside an Instagram account with over 364k followers, he has a slew of merchandise that ranges from tee-shirt, beanie, posters, pillows etc. Labelled as the most stylish dog in the world, Bohdi was discovered in 2013 when a photograph of him modeling surfaced on the Internet. He has graced the pages of The New York Times, GQ, Time magazine, CNN & many more.


Winston is a rare find. He is a pure white corgi that resemblances a puffy cloud. This unicorgi resides in New York city and amasses a following of 230k followers on Instagram. He was even listed as one of the “40 Most Important Corgis In 2014” by Buzzfeed.


On a closer look, you may realise Tonkey isn’t a plushie but a real dog. Its soft, mellow brown coat and gentle features often get him mistaken as huggable soft toy. The media has even touted him as the dog that looks like a bear. The furry Sha Pei was brought home by his owners in 2015. Since then, he has over 353k followers on Instagram.


Pugs are possibly the most talked about breed on social media and Doug is easily the king of the pack. This dog has a whooping 3.7million followers on Instagram and his merchs are trending on social media. When you have your Instagram account verified, it means you are somebody. And Doug has that box checked.


We all have a soft spot for retriever and Aspen is one that we can’t ignore. This retriever resides in Colorado with his owners who are digital content creators. This explains the well curated account. He is often beautifully shot by his owners with stunning nature as backdrop. They have even published travel guides that feature Aspen! With over 291k followers on Instagram, this furkid is definitely a must follow!

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