How often should I feed my dog? Once, twice or tree times a day.

It’s an understandable area of concern for dog owners. A dog that is overfed will be more likely end up obese and could suffer some pretty nasty related health conditions including degenerative joint disease and cancer. The complete opposite to canine obesity is, of course, malnourishment due to underfeeding which can lead to a condition that suppresses the immune system, leaving dogs prone to infection, disease, vulnerable to parasites which, the majority of the time, place more strain on their body function.


​Puppy metabolisms require more protein and energy in their diets than adult dogs whose intake is less.
Puppies should have at least three meals per day until they are between eight and 10 weeks old, then you can reduce their feeds to twice or even once daily, once their rapid growth phase has passed.


​The only difference between feeding large and small breed dogs should be portion size – assuming their diet is perfectly balanced!
Adult dogs, in particularly the large and giant breeds, can be maintained on one meal a day.
Small breeds, which have a higher metabolic rate, may require two feeds a day to meet their energy requirements.


​It’s important to ensure your choice of diet is at the highest level of nutrition, as this influences how much to feed your dog per day. I recommend a balanced fresh meat diet.

Vets All Natural products carry nutritional guides that include feeding frequencies. Frequency can also depend on your dog’s exercise routine and metabolic rate – which will vary from dog to dog.

Adapted from Dr. Bruce, Vets All Natural

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