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Hamster Adoption In Singapore: 5 Best Platforms To Adopt + Important Hamster Facts

Hamsters make adorable furry pets that are easy to take care of.

But are you really ready for this commitment?

In this article, we discuss where you can adopt hamsters in Singapore and things to note before adopting one.

Where to Adopt Hamsters in Singapore

Hamster Society Singapore

 Hamster Society Singapore logo

Who are they:

HSS is a registered non-profit group that rescues and fosters unwanted hamsters. They strive to uphold the standard for small pet care through education and awareness.

Requirements for adoption:

Prior to adopting, use this Hamster Starter Kit to check if you have the necessary equipment to take care of a hamster.

Hamster Society Singapore hamster starter kit

HSS requires all adopters to read their adoption information sheet before applying.

How to adopt:

  1. Read their hamster care blog to learn more about taking care of a hamster.
  2. Browse the adoption gallery to choose a hamster.
  3. Get all items in the Hamster Starter Kit ready.
  4. Fill in this Google form to apply.

If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be contacted within 3 working days!

Adoption fee: $10

SPCA: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Who are they:

The SPCA is a registered animal welfare charity that aims to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to all animals.

Every month, they take in about 150 stray animals and provide foster care until a successful adoption.

How to adopt:

Reservation of animals are not allowed over the phone or via email. Interested adopters are expected to head down to the SPCA store to view the hamsters.

For more information on what to bring along, read this adoption information.

Adoption fee: $10
Note that fee doesn’t include sterilisation, vaccination or deworming.

Address: 50 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 6990125

Hours: Monday – Wednesday, Friday – Sunday and PH: 11am – 4pm | Thursday: Closed (unless PH)

Contact: 6287 5355

Hamster Haven Pet Shop

Hamster Haven Pet Shop

Who are they:

Hamster Haven specialises in giant-sized Syrian hamsters and pure breed rabbits. However, there’s been many instances of people abandoning hamsters outside their shop.

Once deemed healthy, these abandoned pets will be put up for adoption on Gumtree with the title “Free Hamster”.

How to adopt:

  1. Head to their Gumtree page to browse the “Free Hamster” listings.
  2. WhatsApp or call 9646 7908 to express your interest.
  3. You’ll then be expected to prove that you’re capable of taking good care of the hamster. Prepare to show what type of hamster cage will be used.

Adoption fee: Free

Address: 6001 Beach Road #B1-94 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589
Monday – Sunday, 10am – 10pm
Contact: 9646 7908 (Advised to make a call before visiting)

Facebook groups

One of the unofficial platforms to browse available hamsters for adoption is Facebook groups.

This is where individuals with similar interests gather to ask questions and share tips and advice.

Hamster Adoption Facebook Books

Here are some hamster-related groups in Singapore that you can join:

When it comes to these Facebook groups, you have to turn on post notifications and keep a look out for adoption posts.

The price and procedure of adoption may be determined by either the group admins or the person who posted the listing.


Another platform to adopt hamsters would be forums.

  • Gumtree
Gumtree Hamster Adoption page

When using Gumtree, simply search “hamster for adoption” in the search bar and you’ll see a whole list of available hamsters.

The price and adoption procedure are left to the discretion of the poster.

  • Carousell Discussion Groups

Hamster Lovers has more than 5,000 members who actively discuss about any hamster topics.

How to adopt:

This group allows adopters to request for available hamsters to adopt and owners to put their hamsters up for adoption.

  1. All hamster adoption listings have to follow the standard template designed by the admin in the pinned message.
  2. Screening procedure can be mutually agreed upon by the adopter and owner.

Refer to the pinned message for some screening options to consider.

Adoption fee: Free*
*Rehomers (hamster owner giving hamster up for adoption) aren’t allowed to charge a monetary fee. They are only permitted to request for hamster keeping-related items (not worth more than $10) as fees.

Things to Know Before Adopting Hamsters

Useful resources

Refer to these materials for a glimpse of how to take care of hamsters:

Hamster facts

Hamster inside its cage
  • One hamster per cage

Placing 2 hamsters in the same cage will lead to fighting. They are lone creatures and should have their own cage.

  • Hamsters are nocturnal

If their sleep cycle is disrupted, it’ll cause stress, health problems and possibly early death.

  • Constantly growing teeth

Provide chew toys for hamsters for them to grind down their teeth.

  • Cage

Hamster cages should be bought before bringing your hamster home.

Once your hamster is in the cage, ensure that the latch is secure; otherwise, it’ll be a tough time finding them when they escape!

  • Cage accessories

Accessories such as a hamster wheel, proper bedding and hideaways should be added. These different elements will help to stimulate your pet’s senses.

  • Be in contact with a specialised veterinarian

Hamsters are considered exotic pets, which may make it hard to find a suitable vet. It’s advised to find one before committing to a hamster.

Proper screening of owner and adopter

Hamster in Its Cage

When using forums or unofficial platforms, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you screen the other party.

Adopters should make sure that the listing is real to avoid being scammed. Likewise for owners, you should ensure that your hamster is going to be in good hands.

Therefore, it’s best to come up with a mutual agreement to screen the other party.

Some feasible ways would be to

  • send real-time images or videos of the hamster upon request or
  • schedule an appointment to the owner’s house – both parties shouldn’t be alone.

Adopting a Hamster in Singapore

Hamsters often become the victims of neglect and disinterest. Once their novelty has worn off, many choose to give them up as they can be relatively inexpensive to purchase from shops and thus, seen as a disposable commitment.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn some important hamster facts before you make your decision.

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