Get your pet decked with the trendiest hairdos carried out by tiptop stylists, amidst elegant surroundings and state-of-the-art facilities​.

We only want what is best for our little furball friends. Not only do we want them feeling good and brimming with wellness, but with changing times where trendsetters are looking for everything bespoke, what about a brand new and highly-personalised haircut for your pup or kitty? Before you set out to excitedly pursue a new trendy ‘do for your pet, what differentiates stylists from regular pet groomers?

For one, think of stylists as “Creative Groomers”, where additional services such as the colouring of fur and the painting of nails are of the norm. Traditional grooming conventionally seeks to conform to breed standards set by official breed associations, whereas stylists dare to traverse opposite directions, creating a unique, exquisite look- often this is viewed as an art form in itself, making the process stylist-oriented. A lighter version of creative grooming is essentially known as pet tuning, a more owner-oriented method, where pet’s visual appearances are adjusted according to the owner’s intentions.

With a clearer understanding of the concepts of pet styling, the next question would inevitably be, where to?

We believe that Kingsly Tan, Director and Principal of Animal Arts Academy, along with his team that stretches across island-wide branches, may be the optimal go-to solution for all your grooming and styling needs.

Coming A Long Way

Incepted in 2006 by director Kingsly Tan, Animal Arts Academy has come a long way since their humble beginnings as a salon at Vivocity. In his youth, Kingsly travelled extensively to study pet grooming across different countries, including Canada, the United States and Taiwan, among others. Upon understanding via his studies how different pet grooming was in the East and the West, Kingsly compiled what he learnt, developing a special and unique technique of pet grooming. Kingsly is a certified master groomer by the Singapore Kennel Club, as well as an A class groomer with the Kennel Club of Taiwan (KCT). Despite international recognition due to his style that combines the best of the East and the West, it is Kingsly’s personal mission to teach these hybrid techniques to future generations of pet groomers, while continuously improving himself too. He is also urrounded by a highly qualified team- most of them are graduates of his school who have gone on to accumulate experience and further recognition through the passionate practice of their vocations, while a few of them are graduates from top grooming schools in the region. They even operate in enviable environs! Much like exclusive human spa environments, Animal Arts Academy occupies a calming and charming ground floor of a shop house unit in Serangoon Gardens. Its luxurious chandelier and classic monochrome surroundings exude a cool elegance, the decadently furbished and tantalisingly upholstered environment is an instant harbinger of the good hands that await your furry buddies.

What they do?

1. Rebel-Lution​

Popular across varying spectrums, worn by punk rockers and David Beckham alike, the fauxhawk was once ubiquitous in the early 2000s. Perhaps the mid-2010s will enact a return to prevalence, albeit amidst furry anti-heroes?

2. Branded Goods​

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts

Rainbow Regalia​

Enthused by colourful butterflies, this pup’s ears are primed for such succinct emulation of its source inspiration. Its rainbow colours are an immediate standout, an attention grabber considering how the palettes frame its face.

Bear Necessity​

A pup’s colour can play a decisive role in the selection of styles intended for its parent to pursue. This cuddly buddy not only was trimmed to resemble a teddy bear, but its snout also resembles a doughnut.

Mushroom Kingdom​

The bowl cut has long been a whimsical choice for kids in their growing up years. Pattern your pooch after this classic favourite to provide it with a very endearing edge.

Adapated from Pet Lovers Centre Magazine – Issue 13

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