5 Fish Farms In Singapore To Visit If You’re Setting Up An Aquarium

Most of us had fishes as our very first pet. You probably owned a school of guppies housed in a plastic tank, wondering if they would grow too big for their home. Back then, our parents orientated us the idea of pet ownership with these small fishes. As we get older, we realise setting up an aquarium isn’t as easy as assembling a tank with a filter and changing water on a regular basis. This form of pet ownership has taken quite a change over the past few years.

Unlike having a dog or cat, aquarium enthusiasts do not see companionship as the main purpose of fish rearing. Setting up an aquarium is not only a showcase of technical know-hows and deep understanding of various breeds, but also an artform that allows the marine animals to exhibit their beauty. daftar situs judi bola

If you are thinking of taking your fish rearing to the next level, here’re five fish farms in Singapore to visit!

Qian Hu

Qian Hu Fish Farm

Qian Hu is probably the disneyland of Singapore fish farms. This well known local fish farm houses not only a retail store where you can get a large variety of  fishes, water plants and aquarium equipment, it also boosts a cafe, fish spa provide services such as farm tours and longkang fishing activities for families. For those who are concerned about its rather “ulu” location, Qian Hu provides free shuttle bus service that ferrys you from Choa Chu Kang Lot One shopping mall right to their doorstep. For aquarium enthusiasts, you can also send your faulty equipments to here for repair. They have experienced technicians who are able to come up with a solution for you.

Ideal for: families who are looking for weekend activities to bond with their children.

Marugen Fish Farm

Marugen Fish Farm's team at the farm

If you have the luxury of a pond in your garden and love the sight of Kois swimming gracefully in the waters, you may want to pay Marugen Fish Farm a visit. This place doesn’t sell you run-of-the-mill kois but carefully handpicked breeds that could even win awards for their owners. Marugen prides themselves as a boutique Japanese koi fish farm with branches in Vietnam and Malaysia. It imports specially hand-picked high quality Japanese Kois and gold fishes for the local market. The owners painstakingly fly to various parts in Japan to curate Kois for their customers, ensuring these fishes are of top notch grades. Its raving reviews on the Internet is definitely a sign of a reliable koi retailer and breeder.

Ideal for: Koi enthusiasts with deep pockets.

Gan Aquarium

Closeup of arowana fish at Gan Aquarium

Started in 1961, Gan Aquarium started off as a hobbyist and turned into serious fish farmers. Located at Neo Tiew, this is one of the biggest and longest running fish farms in Singapore. They specialise in Arowanas breeds such as Golden Cross Back, Cross Belly and Pure Super Red.

Ideal for: Arowanas lovers

Nippon Koi Fish Farm

Koi fishes at Nippon Koi Fish Farm

This is another place where Koi lovers have to know and visit. Apart from selling various breeds of Kois, Nippon Koi Fish Farm prides itself as one of the few places in Singapore that provides short/long term ponds for rehabilitation, quarantine services, growth and grooming programmes. This “koi hotel” service allows you to groom the next award winning pet with professional help. You can also get to meet other koi enthusiasts who are able to share their insights in koi rearing.

Nippon Koi Fish Farm also provides consultation to those who wish to set up a pond at home. Customers also go to them for maintenance and pond system consultation.

Ideal for: First time koi owners

Sunny Aquarium

Sunny Aquarium

With over 50 years of experience, Sunny Aquarium specialises in various fish breeds. Apart from local market, they also import and export premium fishes and have established a strong reputation in their trade. Apart from fishes, you can expect to find shrimps, snails, crabs and aquatic plants at their facility.

Ideal for: those who are looking for a variety


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