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7 Dog Parks And Runs In Singapore You Need To Visit [+ Tips On Good Dog Park Etiquette]

Dog runs and parks are safe, enclosed spaces where dogs can run freely and socialise with others.

They provide a break from daily routines, while allowing owners to learn more about their dogs as they play.

Here’s a list of dog parks and runs to visit in Singapore, according to their locations!

Dog Parks in the Central of Singapore

Dog Park
Park Lighting Hours
Bishan Park Dog Run
Bishan Park 2, 1384 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
7am – 10pm

Bishan Park Dog Run

Dog Park in Bishan
Source: Dog Park in Bishan

Bishan Park dog run is one of the most popular spots in Singapore among owners due to its location.

It’s thoughtfully divided into two sections – one for smaller dogs, and another for all breeds and sizes. The large pen can hold up to 100 dogs comfortably which gives your dog plenty of space to run about.

You can even enjoy a relaxing stroll among lush greenery with your dog before and after visiting the run to burn off excess energy!


  • Section dedicated for smaller dogs available
  • Water point for washing and drinking (bring your own water bowl)
  • Dog-friendly cafes nearby

Dog Parks in the North of Singapore

Dog Park
Park Lighting Hours
Sembawang Park Dog Run
Sembawang Park, End of Sembawang Road
No lighting
K9 Park at NEX Shopping Mall
Sky Garden Level 4R, 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
10.30am – 10.30pm

Sembawang Park Dog Run

Sembawang Park Dog Run
Source: Dog Run in Sembawang

One unique feature of the Sembawang Park dog run is that it’s located on a gentle slope. This makes for an almost effortless workout for dogs while they enjoy the sea breeze.

It is one of the largest dog runs in Singapore with an area of 2700m² – that’s almost the size of 22 basketball courts!

If you are visiting this park, do remember to bring some water along as there’s no water point in the vicinity.


  • Benches

K9 Park at NEX

K9 Park at NEX
Source: K9 Park

K9 Park, located on the 4th floor of NEX, is the first dog park in Singapore to be integrated within a shopping mall.

While it may not have grass patches and greenery, it has an interesting variety of obstacle courses. Do note that the park is better suited for small to medium-sized dogs due to its size.

Use the dedicated elevator leading to the park just for dogs. Accessible via the carpark.

When you’re done, shop at our Pet Safari outlet just next to the park. You’ll be able to choose from more than 14,000 products and essential pet services!

Dog Parks in the East of Singapore

Dog Park
Park Lighting Hours
Katong Park Dog Run
Junction of Meyer Road & Fort Road
7am – 10pm
Tampines Dog Run
Tampines Central Park, 856 Tampines St 82
7am – 10pm

Katong Park Dog Run

While the Katong Park dog run may not be as popular or large as some of the others, it remains as a hidden gem in the east.

This historical site is most suitable if you enjoy peacefulness and quietness. You’ll also be happy to know this rectangular space is spacious and well-sheltered by large canopies of trees.


  • Benches
  • Washrooms
  • Agility obstacles

According to NParks, a section of the dog park has been closed to facilitate works by PUB. It is expected to be completed by 30 June 2020.

Tampines Dog Run

 Tampines Dog Run

The Tampines dog run is situated in the heartlands of Tampines central, just behind the swimming complex.

Although smaller in size, it’s spacious enough for dogs to have fun comfortably. You’ll see many residents bringing their dogs down, especially during weekday evenings and weekends.

Grabbing a meal afterwards is extremely convenient too as there are numerous food options nearby.

Dog Parks in the West of Singapore

Dog Park
Park Lighting Hours
West Coast Park Dog Run
Pasir Panjang Road, parallel to West Coast Highway
7am – 10pm
Sunny Heights
110 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 288000
9.30am – 6.30pm

1pm – 6.30pm
(Dog park & dog swimming pool)

West Coast Park Dog Run

Source: Dog Run at West Coast Park

West Coast Park dog run is the perfect place for playing fetch as it’s spacious and wide.

Some of their many amenities available here include Singapore’s first dog wash station and free bio-degradable poo bags.

Dogs can even build strength here as they run through the agility obstacle course.


  • Agility obstacle course
  • Self-service dog wash station
  • Tables with shelter
  • Washrooms
  • Water point

Bonus: Sunny Heights

Sunny Heights

Unlike others on the list, Sunny Heights is a dog day care that also has a dog run, dog park and swimming pool. While primarily a pet boarding centre, they are also actively involved in helping to rehome stray dogs.

Their concrete dog run is exclusive to dogs under the day care. However, you’ll still be able to visit the swimming pool and dog park which contains an obstacle course!

6314 9363

Some other dog-friendly places that you may consider are:

Dog Park Tips and Proper Etiquette

Dog playing in the grass field

Taking your dog to the dog park is a great way to keep her happy and healthy. However, it’s also important to have proper etiquette.

Here are some useful dog park tips from Cesar Milan!

Ensure your dog is in good health

For the safety and well-being of all dogs, you should never bring a sick dog to a dog park.

They should also be spayed and neutered to prevent fights from breaking out, especially if a female is receptive to mating.

Visiting the dog park is not a substitute for a walk

Dogs need to get enough exercise by going for walks regularly. This helps to keep them calm and burn off excess energy.

As dog parks are only meant for socialising and playing, overly excited dogs shouldn’t be brought into the run until they get enough exercise. Otherwise, their aggressive and hostile behaviours may cause harm to others.

Remain calm, assertive and take responsibility

Even when your dog is off the leash and having fun with others, you should continue to remain calm and assertive. Always be aware of your dog, and take responsibility for her behaviour including picking up after her.

Understanding your dog

Avoid letting your dog into the run if she hasn’t learnt to socialise yet, is fearful or aggressive towards other dogs. Instead, work on training your dog before slowly introducing her to the company of others.

Bonus Tip!

Some owners use dog parks to find out the aggression of their dogs, especially when they just got them.

Therefore, Chris Onthank recommends that you avoid bringing your puppy to a dog park to avoid falling victim to such aggression.

Keeping Your Dog Mentally and Physically Healthy

Every dog owner is responsible for their pet’s mental and physical health. Giving them enough exercise not only keeps them fit, but also helps to manage their stress levels and prevents destructive behaviour.

Check out these dog walking tips to learn more!

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