42 Popular Dog Instagram Accounts To Follow In Singapore For Cute Photos

Looking at photos and videos of dogs can instantly lift our moods. Whether you’re a pawrent or a dog lover, here are 42 dog Instagram accounts you can follow for a daily dose of cuteness!

We’ve included a total of 15 popular dog breeds in Singapore, including our very own Singapore Specials.

PS: The number of followers each account has is just an indication for your reference. We love all dogs equally! ❤️

Border Collie

1. Ashley (5.7K Followers)

Ashley the Border Collie

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 4 July 2009

Some of Ashley’s favourite activities include going for car rides, meeting new furiends and playing IQ toys (the higher the difficulty, the better!). As Border Collies are born herders, she loves herding to both dogs and humans! Ashley has a fur sister, Sasha (Singapore Special) currently living in the same household.

2. Auburn (1.2K Followers)

Auburn the Border Collie dog

Gender: Female
Date of birth: October / November 2013 (estimated)

Auburn is a Border Collie who loves strolling on the beach and dashing around wide open spaces. She’s a total foodie and isn’t picky when it comes to meals. Though she was abandoned by her previous pawrent, Auburn is now showered with lots of love from her current fur mum and fur siblings (🐶🐰🐦🐦)!

3. Ninja (1.1K Followers)

Ninja the Border Collie

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 24 May 2015

Ninja is an intelligent Border Collie who has 2 fur siblings — Jonah (male, Toy Poodle) and Bebe (female, Chihuahua cross). He’s a couch potato that loooves sleeping. He also enjoys chill walks, milk, carrots and anything meaty! Oh, and he’s afraid of cats 😂

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

4. Sparkles (4.5K Followers)

Sparkles the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 22 June 2018

Sparkles has everything you imagine a photogenic dog to have — an infectious smile, a gorgeous coat and a little bit of silliness. She enjoys splashing around in the mud and going on adventures to explore our little island!

5. Coconut (1.5K Followers)

Coconut the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 28 June 2020

Coconut loves exploring the city and beaches. He swims well, plays hide and seek every night before bedtime and enjoys a game of tug of war! This little foodie is brave, curious and affectionate towards dogs and humans.

6. Oliver (1K Followers)

Oliver the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 18 August 2017

Unlike Oliver’s seemingly friendly persona on Instagram, he’s in fact shy and a little socially awkward. He often shies away from interactions with other people and dogs!

Oliver is also picky when it comes to food and only opts for the best. His fur mum once had to give him iced water from Starbucks because he refused to drink tap water from the dog run!

Cocker Spaniel

7. Golden (4.4K Followers)

Golden the Cocker Spaniel

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 28 May 2012

Being a 10/10 glutton, Golden’s favourite foods include eggs, milk, fruits and cookies. He’s fearless, loyal and smart as he picks up new tricks really quickly. He’s also a vain boy who’s always eager to don new accessories!

8. Mika (2K Followers)

Mika the Cocker Spaniel dog

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 8 July 2020

Mika is an active, adventurous dog that enjoys hiking and swimming. In fact, he enjoys swimming in the ocean more than in pools. 

Though he willingly accompanies his pawrents on their kayaking sessions, he doesn’t enjoy being on the kayak and would very much prefer to play fetch with them in the water.

9. Crumpet (1.6K Followers)

Crumpet the Cocker Spaniel

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 5 August 2020

Crumpet loves hanging out with her BFF Smokey the Schnauzer and playing a good game of fetch! Her pawrent describes her as fun, whacky and a little crazy. She loves balls and treats and enjoys learning new tricks.


10. Shadow (3.4K Followers)

Shadow the Corgi

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 28 June 2018

Shadow is one of the most fashionable Corgis you’ll find here in Singapore. Her pawrent frequently dresses her up in all sorts of clothes and she even has outfits for Halloween and Chinese New Year! Despite her stylish persona on Instagram, she’s a goofball at heart who loves chasing after birds.

11. Eevee (1K Followers)

Eevee the Corgi

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 26 February 2020

Named after a Pokemon, Eevee is friendly, motivated by food and super needy for scratches. Her favourite activities include visiting the dog park and beach and exploring new places. This fearless pup isn’t afraid of big dogs, but is terrified of plastic bags and will avoid them at all costs 😂


12. Toastie (1.3K Followers)

Toastie the Dachshund

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 20 April 2020

Toastie is known to be the most calm dog in any group setting. He’s super clingy and loves to beg for belly rubs. He has a fixed night time routine which consists of brushing his teeth, applying paw balm, brushing hair and taking supplements before going to bed. What a cutie!

Golden Retriever

13. Ollie (5.3K Followers)

Ollie the Golden Retriever

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 31 January 2018

Ollie the Golden Retriever is extremely extroverted and energetic and is known as a social butterfly! His all-time favourite activity is swimming and when it comes to food, he eats everything with gusto 😋 Though he’s energetic, Ollie doesn’t bark and made a great first dog for his pawrent.

14. Truffle (3K Followers)

Truffle the Golden Retriever

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 25 December 2019

A friendly and loving goldie, Truffle enjoys meeting new furiends and humans. You can often see this greedy pup begging for food and stealing his pawrents’ socks! A fun(ny) fact would be that he loves the water but can’t really swim 😂

15. Hugo (1.1K Followers)

Hugo the Golden Retriever

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 27 March 2021

Hugo is a smiley boy; he gets overly excited when he sees his loved ones but never growls and rarely barks. This gentle giant enjoys a good grilled salmon and boiled black chicken. His favourite activity is to swim!

16. Bailey (800 Followers)

Bailey the Golden Retriever

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 15 July 2019

Bailey is currently undergoing training to live up to his IG handle 😂 he hasn’t learnt how to brake yet and will often run into his pawrent. This adventure-loving and derpy Goldie loves swimming, going to the beach and munching on anything meaty!


17. Miya (31.1k Followers)

Miya the Husky

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 11 July 2018

Miya is a cheeky Pomeranian Husky mix who loves snuggling up to her older fur sister, Kiyo (Cocker Spitz). Though this Instagram account is named after Miya, the account features artistic shots of both Miya and Kiyo taken by their talented fur mum.

18. Klover (2.8K Followers)

Klover the Husky

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 19 November 2019

Klover is a sass queen at home who only goes to her pawrent for cuddles and food, but when she’s outdoors, she gets very excited and sociable! She enjoys a good sleep and can sleep through her entire grooming routine at home. She currently lives with her fur sister, Belle (female, Old English Sheepdog).

19. Thunder (1.5K Followers)

Thunder the Husky dog

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 27 June 2018

Thunder loves playing with balls but is terrible at fetch 😂 he’s a greedy and affectionate husky — his pawrents call him a big furbaby! He loves anything and everything that can be eaten. Currently, he lives with his fur brother and best friend, Shadow (Husky cross).

Japanese Spitz

20. Bobbi (3.3K Followers)

Bobbi the Japanese Spitz

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 24 March 2016

As the fur baby of local influencer, Soh Pei Shi, Bobbi is as popular and well-loved by the Instagram community as his fur mum!

One of his favourite foods is apples, though he dislikes lemons and carrots and no amount of coaxing can get him to touch them. He also enjoys swimming and going on walks with his fur mum!

21. Sushi (3K Followers)

Sushi the Japanese Spitz

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 11 August 2015

Though she’s dramatic and stubborn, Sushi the Japanese Spitz is a complete angel for human affection and pats. She recently started longboarding with her pawrent and loves rolling in the grass!

Fun fact — Sushi is a retired show dog with titles in Singapore, Asia Pacific and internationally. She’s currently living with her cat sibling, Charles (male, Maine Coon).


22. Bailey (8.5K Followers)

Bailey the Maltese

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 8 May 2017

Bailey the Maltese is a fun-loving, sociable dog who loves cafe hopping and going on playdates. He loves the attention from his fur mum and often distracts her with his silliness while she works (he once used the curtain as his hat!).

23. Mochi (1.7K followers)

Mochi the Maltese

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 26 August 2014

Mochi is a Maltese with an attitude. When he was younger, he starred in various MediaCorp shows such as Rojak on Channel 5 and 钱来运转 (House of Fortune) on Channel 8! He has many Westie friends and thinks he’s one of them 😂

24. Lexus (1.4K Followers)

Lexus the Maltese

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 26 February 2017

Balls and squeaky toys are 2 of Lexus’s favourite items. Occasionally, he’ll do a headcount of all his toys to ensure that none are missing!

Though he’s now a happy boy who gets lots of attention and love from his fur mum, Lexus once suffered from severe separation anxiety after living with his previous owner and had to be re-trained to overcome this issue.


25. Buncha (107K Followers)

Buncha the Pomeranian

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 20 November 2014

BunCha is a sassy Pomeranian that got famous by being influencer Jian Hao Tan’s pup! She’s a loving and greedy dog that was featured in Huawei Mate 30 Pro’s advertisement last year. Well-loved by many in Titan Digital Media, she shows the same affection for her human sister, Starley.

26. Willow (2.2K Followers)

Willow the Pomeranian

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 13 July 2017

Willow is a bubbly and energetic Pomeranian and the youngest of her 3 fur siblings, Bailey the Poodle and Midnight the Border Collie Husky mix.

She loves cuddling with her older brothers and chasing after her fur mum is her favourite pastime. Thunderstorms scare Willow and she often runs to seek comfort and shelter from her fur mum and siblings.

27. Soya (800 Followers)

Soya the Pomeranian

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 26 December 2019

Soya is dainty yet feisty — she’s known by her followers for her signature front criss-crossed paws position. She’s a protective little pup that loves climbing up to high places to observe her pawrents just like a cat 😂Her favourite activity is to run around grass patches!


28. Bailey (12.2K Followers)

Bailey the Toy Poodle

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1 July 2016

Bailey is a spirited toy poodle who loves playing fetch and dashing around on the grass. The beach is one of his favourite hangout spots and he enjoys taking car rides especially when they’re with his fur mum!

29. Pretzel (3.2K Followers)

Pretzel the Toy Poodle

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 17 June 2017

Pretzel loves playing fetch but after 5 rounds, she’ll be begging for a new toy already! An easily excited yet chill dog, she sploots just after 100m of her daily walks. Feed her durian and blueberries and she’ll do any trick!

30. Noodles (500 Followers)

Noodles the Poodle

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 10 December 2019

Owned by influencer Brenda Tan (aka wordweed), Noodles is an affectionate pup that loves cuddles and belly rubs. He loves a good comfort toy and enjoys home cooked meals made by his pawrents!

Shetland Sheepdog

31. Hoshi (6.1K Followers)

Hoshi the Shetland Sheepdog

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 3 April 2020

Hoshi is a friendly and outgoing Shetland Sheepdog who enjoys playing and hanging out with his fellow furiends. Fetch and tug are his favourite games!

One of Hoshi’s secret hobbies is shredding paper. He won’t hesitate to rifle through trash to find paper to shred!

32. Moki (1.5K Followers)

Moki the Shetland Sheepdog

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 20 March 2018

Sweet and affectionate to a selected few, Moki enjoys squeezing between her 2 pawrents when they sit close together. She’s smart, feisty and prefers swimming at the beach. Give her treats and she’ll do silly tricks for you!

33. Luffy (1.3K Followers)

Luffy the Shetland Sheepdog

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 5 June 2020

Luffy is a gorgeous looking Shetland Sheepdog who’s often mistaken for a girl. He’s a true adventurer who loves to explore new places and be one with nature. In fact, his favourite place in Singapore is Coney Island!

Due to a slight underbite, Luffy tends to drool more than his fellow furiends. This is especially true when he’s expecting food! 😂

Shiba Inu

34. Haru and Uni (10.3K Followers)

Haru & Uni the Shiba Inus

Black tan
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 18 November 2019

Haru is a thrill-seeking Shiba Inu that loves sprinting so that every dog at the dog park will chase after her! She’s the sweetest and most gentle dog with both humans and other dogs. But she dislikes being carried so you’ll never see a photo of her in anyone’s arms.

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 15 March 2020

More like a typical Shiba, Uni can be aloof and grumpy towards other dogs if they invade his personal space. He’s extremely greedy and will eat almost anything; he’s the resident vacuum cleaner to clean up after Haru’s occasional leftovers, that’s why he’s a bit chubbier!

35. Keiko (2.8K Followers)

Keiko the Shiba Inu

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 29 March 2020

Keiko is an XXL Shiba Inu with an outgoing personality and appetite to match! She’s usually reserved but once she warms up to you, she’ll love you with all her heart 💕Keiko reunited with her blood fur sister, Kira and has been meeting her at least once a week!

36. Wiggins (2K Followers)

Wiggins the Shiba Inu dog breed

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 24 October 2020

An adventurous Shiba, Wiggins loves the outdoors and going to dog runs. He’s a drama king and a scaredy cat as he’s afraid of boxes and aluminium foil 😂 He loves to stare into camera lenses and stares into the home security camera several times while his pawrents are out!

37. Teh-o (1.8K Followers)

Teh O the Shiba Inu dog

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 18 October 2015

Teh-o busts the myth about Shiba Inus being picky eaters as he loves to eat everything! His pawrents know him as the king of expressions — he’s great at expressing his feelings of excitement and discontentment when he’s feeling clingy and neglected 😂

Shih Tzu

38. Mantou (9.6K Followers)

Mantou the Shih Tzu

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 15 July 2020

Mantou is loved and owned by influencers Ryan from Night Owl Cinematics and Cherylene from Titan Digital Media. She’s extremely clingy and affectionate and never fails to get attention when she demands for it! She loves pork, going for short walks and getting her beauty sleep.

39. Muffin (1.2K Followers)

Muffin the Shih Tzu

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 16 June 2016

Beef, salmon and cheese are some of Muffin’s favourite foods. This cheerful and playful Shih Tzu loves playing tug of war with her fur siblings, Money (female, Pomeranian Poodle) and Mochie (male, Shih Tzu).

Though Muffin may seem shy at first, she’ll grow to become sociable and loving once she warms up to you!

Singapore Special

40. Rosie (22.5K Followers)

Rosie the Singapore Special

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 12 February 2019

Rosie was a stray who was found stranded in a drain, too weak to walk or climb out on her own. Luckily, she was saved and adopted by her current fur dad!

Now, Rosie is a healthy and energetic girl who enjoys going on long walks, taking naps and indulging in her favourite boiled chicken.

41. Phoebe (2.5K Followers)

Phoebe the Singapore Special

Gender: Female
Date of birth: June 2016 (estimated)

Phoebe is a Singapore Special who got adopted in June 2020 by her pawrents. She enjoys going for walks and sniffing around the neighbourhood. She’s shy yet very loyal to those she’s familiar with. She also has a very huge bandana collection!

42. Josie (2.3K Followers)

Josie the Singapore Special

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 25 July 2018

Josie is a Singapore Special who was rescued by Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), a dog shelter and dog adoption centre in Singapore. She was later adopted by her current fur mum and became a part of their forever family alongside Jellie Bean, a rescued Norwegian Forest cat!

Though shy initially, Josie will be welcoming to cuddles from humans once she opens up to them.

Discovering Adorable Dog Instagram Accounts

With more and more Singaporeans buying and adopting dogs, we get to admire a wide variety of breeds and their individual quirks. We hope you enjoyed stalking the pups featured! Leave us a comment below if you’d like your pet to be featured 😉


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