For many of us, the idea of volunteering would immediately evoke memories of secondary school flag days done with the aim of hitting the mandatory CIP requirements. While admirable in its own right, flag days are admittedly not the most stimulating or engaging form of volunteering and might not be for everyone, even if they have the intention to do good.

If you’re a cat lover, here’s a list of cat shelters where you get to volunteer and make a positive difference while still interacting with some feline friends.

1. Cat Welfare Society

Image Credit: Cat Welfare Society Facebook

Established in 1999, Cat Welfare Society (CWS) was founded following a newspaper report about 5 kittens being burnt alive in a box, an act which spurred like-minded cat lovers to come together to help better the lives of stray cats in Singapore.

Adopting a trap-neuter-return-manage approach towards managing the stray population in Singapore, CWS are constantly on the lookout for volunteers to help on-ground as well as at their regular adoption drives.

Image Credit: Cat Welfare Society Facebook

Beyond the organisation, they also provide useful tips to help anyone get started with trapping their own trap and neuter programme within their neighbourhood! 


2. Love Kuching Project

Image Credit: Love Kuching Project Facebook

While CWS is focused on population control, Love Kuching Project is a community-based cat rescue group that rescues and rehabilitate ill or injured strays before nursing them back to health.

Aside from putting these cats up for adoption, Love Kuching Project also has a cat therapy initiative, having formed an Outreach Team to conduct cat therapy sessions for seniors in nursing homes as well as special needs students. Sessions incorporate activities such as grooming, patting, or playing with therapy cats.

Image Credit: Love Kuching Project Facebook

You can get involved with the Outreach Team or if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require as much commitment, they also have regular Play/Clean sessions where volunteers literally play with the cats and help to clean them after. Do note that they have a strict schedule to adhere to for these sessions and you’ll need to make a request to attend these sessions in advance.


3. Animal Lovers League

Image Credit: Animal Lovers League Facebook

Animal Lovers League is one of the largest animal shelters in Singapore, catering for both cats and dogs. As they’re a strict no-kill shelter, they currently house a whopping total of 700 cats and dogs in their facility.

ALL has a sponsor programme for those who aren’t able to adopt their own cat but are still keen to help give said fur friend a better life within the shelter. As part of the programme, you’ll give a small sum every month, which will go towards caring for your chosen fur pal.

If you want to get more involved, ALL also actively recruits volunteers to help with the maintaining of the facility, the daily care of both the cats and dogs housed in the shelter, as well as on-site at the adoption drives they regularly organise.


4. St John Island’s Cats

Facebook page:

Image Credit: St John Island’s Cats Facebook

Run by a group of volunteers, St John Island’s Cats was formed to rescue and care for the overwhelming (they number in the hundreds!) stray cat population over at St John’s Island.

While their events and volunteer programmes are a lot more adhoc, there’s something inherently therapeutic about travelling to a quiet island nearby to care for a sea of cats.

Image Credit: St John Island’s Cats Facebook

You can follow them on their Facebook page for updates on upcoming events and activities.

5. NTU Cat Management Network


Image Credit: NTU Cat Management Network

If you’re currently a student at NTU, then you might have heard that there’s an actual CCA where you care for cats!

The NTU Cat Management Network cares for the cats living on and around NTU’s campus and also helps to manage the cat population on campus.

If you’re a student living on campus already, then there’s no excuse because it doesn’t get any more convenient to get involved in helping our feline friends out!

Caring for animals who aren’t fortunate enough to have found an adopter yet is no easy task, and every volunteer goes a long way in helping to ensure that these animals lead a better life while they wait to be taken to their forever home.

If your schedule really doesn’t allow you to volunteer on the ground, most of these organisations accept monetary donations as well to help offset the mounting costs of rescuing and caring for these animals. Do consider chipping in because there’s such thing as an amount too small!

Prefer dogs or rabbits? Our list of pet shelters will tell you where to go! 

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