Confession time. If you’re a cat owner, how many times have you picked up your cat and stroked it as though you were a criminal mastermind a la Goldfinger in the Austin Powers movies? There’s something inherently therapeutic about having a kitten bundled up in your arms as you run your hands through its fur, which is probably why so many Singaporean travellers flock to cat cafes on their travels abroad.

If you didn’t already know though, we now have cat cafes on our shores as well! Here are some spots you can visit to relax while burying yourself in a wave of cat fur.

1. Meomi Cat Cafe

Image Credit: Meomi Cat Cafe Facebook

Located centrally at North Bridge Road, Meomi Cat Cafe is the newest cat cafe in town. With a quiet and cosy interior filled with plenty of seating for customers, this cat cafe stands out thanks to its collection of unique resident cats.

Image Credit: Meomi Cat Cafe Facebook

The $15 entrance fee includes a drink as well as an hour with the cats, while the premise also offers free WIFI for customers. One tip is to call ahead to check on the cat’s mealtimes because if you visit then, you’ll get to help feed the cat if you wish.

2. Neko No Niwa

Image Credit: Neko No Niwa Facebook

With 13 resident cats (at last count) living at Neko No Niwa, customers are guaranteed to find at least one kitty to shower affection on while they’re there. The first cat cafe in Singapore, Neko No Niwa’s founders are advocates of the ‘adopt, don’t shop’ movement. As such, all their resident cats are rescues.

Image Credit: Neko No Niwa Facebook

With the cafe’s view of the Singapore River, this cat cafe at Boat Quay has many visitors that end up spending the entire day here with a book or their laptop while having a cat cuddled on their lap. Aside from that, they also have a selection of light bites, with their chocolate cake being a hot pick amongst the regulars there.

  • Address: Level 2, 54A Boat Quay, (S)049843
  • Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm Daily (Closed on Tuesdays)
  • Website:

3. The Cat Cafe

Image Credit: The Cat Cafe Facebook

The only cat cafe on this list that has no time limit for visitors. Your $15 cover charge will last you the entire day and comes with a soft drink to boot.

Aside from the friendly cats, The Cat Cafe also brews a mean cup of coffee that’ll hold its own against those from other cafes.

  • Address: 231B Victoria Street, (S)188030
  • Opening Hours: 3pm to 10pm (Mondays), 10am to 10pm (Tuesdays to Sundays)
  • Website:

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