Diet and Nutrition / Health Maintenance?

Based on the weight and age of the small animal. This is especially true of rabbits and guinea pigs. Younger guinea pigs and rabbits should eat alfalfa hay as the staple diet, while older ones on timothy hay or other blends of hay. Seeds, nuts and pelleted diets, which are commercially prepared food, are well balanced in terms of nutrition and thus recommended. The right amount of food should be given to prevent obesity. Vitamins and mineral supplements are available for small animals.

Toys and accessories?

Wood chews, or blocks, toys and treats are offered to prevent boredom. Wood chews may aid in the prevention of overgrowth of small animal teeth. This is so crucial for normal alignment of the teeth.


A good, comfortable cage for small animals is a must. Emphasis should be given accordingly to ventilation, as well as the base of the cage. Guinea pigs should have a flat-bottomed cage to avoid foot injuries. Rabbit cages should be the elevated type as they are prone to paw problems such as foot rot.


Small animal shampoo?
Dry waterless bath?
Dry powder shampoo?
Nail clippers?


​Recycle papers?
Wood shavings?

Adapted from Pet Lovers Centre Magazine – Issue 10

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