Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken? — Here’s How To Prepare It Safely For Your Dog

These days, pet owners are increasingly open to feeding raw chicken to dogs. This may be due to their many benefits such as being rich in protein and reducing obesity risks! 

However, there are still some reservations regarding this as raw chicken may cause bacterial infections and other issues if not handled properly.

Not to worry though — in this article, we’ll talk about whether raw chicken is really good for dogs, the risks involved and how to prepare it safely. judi bola parlay

What Happens When Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Dogs have shorter digestive tracts than humans, which aren’t conducive environments for bacteria to settle in. Thus, it’s more likely that nothing will happen to them if they consume raw chicken.

However, there’s also a chance of them developing salmonella and bacterial infections. Other risks may include choking hazards and gastrointestinal distress if bones found in raw chicken are swallowed. 

Is Raw Chicken Good For Dogs?

Chocolated coloured dog eating chicken outdoors

As confused as the debates about eating raw chicken are, there are actually many advantages to it! Raw chicken can be a good source of pure nutrition and protein as there are no added preservatives. 

Rich Protein Source

Raw chicken is a protein-rich source, with 80% of it made up of protein. This is important for a dog’s development of muscles and is also key in maintaining healthy skin.

Reduces Risk of Obesity

Your furkids aren’t likely to put on additional weight if they are fed raw chicken, as it has low calorie content. By eliminating or reducing the carbohydrates in their diet, it may lower the risk of obesity.

Rich in Nutrients

Raw chicken is rich in fatty acids, amino acids, omega 3, omega 6, potassium and other nutrients. Eating it can give your furkids strong bones and a healthy fur coat.

No Preservatives

Having fresh and raw chicken means no chemicals have been added to preserve the chicken. You can let your furkids eat at ease, without worrying about the effects of preservatives. 

How To Prepare Raw Chicken Safely For My Dog

Want to feed raw chicken to your dog? You can opt for commercially sold raw dog food or make it yourself!

Here’s how to store and prepare it safely, and the recommended amount to feed them.

Raw chicken in a bowl
  1. Ensure that all raw meats are properly stored and not left at room temperature 
  2. Prepare meat that is approximately 2% to 3% of your furkid’s weight 
  3. Next, rinse the meat thoroughly under water
  4. Debone the meat by creating incisions to remove the bones, so as to prevent choking hazards
  5. Finally, cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces so that it’s easier for your furkids to munch on, and serve!

Tip: How to choose the best chicken to feed your dog
You can find the best chicken in supermarkets, and make sure to check for expiry dates. If you’re willing to spend a little more, organic chicken is the best!

How To Store Raw Chicken for My Dog?

Raw chicken should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator to slow down bacterial growth. Additionally, ensure that it is not stored past its best before date.

How Much Raw Chicken Can I Feed My Dog?

The amount needed to feed your furkid depends on their age, breed, size and activity levels. 

For puppies, pawrents can feed them 5% of their body weight in 2 – 3 meals. You can refer to the list below for a general guide for adult dogs:

Amount of raw chicken to feed* based on body weight
Activity level
Weight goals
Need to lose weight20%
Maintain weight25%
Need to gain weight30%
*Amounts are to be split between 2 – 3 meals

Note: It’s always best to consult with your veterinarian before feeding your dog anything new!

Risks of Feeding Raw Chicken to Dogs

Golden retriever munching on raw chicken wing

Some risks of eating raw chicken include bacterial contamination from raw meat and choking hazards or internal punctures from bones. Feeding only raw chicken can also lead to an unbalanced diet that may cause health complications. 

Bones in Chicken

Chicken bones are easily broken and may splinter when your furkid chews on them. This is dangerous as broken bones can cause injuries to their digestive system. 

Bacterial Contamination

Salmonella infection can arise after feeding your furkids raw chicken. The bacteria may be dormant, but once triggered, dogs can suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

Consuming raw chicken can also increase the risk of developing Acute Canine Polyradiculoneuritis (APN), a disease that can paralyse dogs. 

Not Suitable For Some Dogs

It’s crucial to know that not all dogs can eat chicken. Some dogs (usually small breeds) may be allergic to poultry, whereas some may have weaker immune systems or digestion problems. 

Alternatives to Raw Chicken

Group of dogs eating food from dog bowl

Raw chicken can bring about a variety of benefits. However, if you’re concerned about the risks, here are some alternatives you can feed them with instead. 

Chicken Broth

Try adding chicken broth to your dog’s food! This can help to improve joint health, boost liver and kidney detoxification and build a better digestive system.


Most fish have a high amount of protein and are an excellent protein source for dogs. They also contain vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids, which are great for bones, immune system, brain function, metabolism and skin. 


Turkey is easily digestible and is a great alternative as a protein source. It’s high in zinc and phosphorus, which are important for strong and healthy bones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you notice your dog sneaking a piece of raw chicken, keep calm, and contact your veterinarian immediately and take his or her advice. You may be required to monitor your dog closely to see if there’s any gastrointestinal upset.

It’s not recommended for you to feed your dog raw chicken every day. Eating raw chicken every day can increase the chance of contracting a bacterial infection. You may also want to feed your dog other food to achieve a balanced diet!

Most parts of the chicken are good for dogs’ consumption. If you feed your dog raw chicken meat, consider giving the wings or thigh. If the chicken is cooked, consider boneless parts such as the breasts.

Remember to debone the meat so that your pet can eat safely!

The recommended raw meats are muscle meat such as hamburger, chicken or turkey as well as innards such as heart, liver and kidneys. Alternatively, you may also try feeding them fish.

The Final Verdict: Should I Feed Raw Chicken To My Dogs?

Raw chicken diets have been controversial for some time. Supporters say their dogs have reaped benefits, such as higher energy levels and healthier coats. But many veterinarians would disagree and warn you of the risks. 

The choice is yours, but it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian if you’d like your dog to try this diet!


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