5 Steps to Calm Your Dog

​Step 1: Don’t reward their hyper mind set with attention, rather, ignore it.

Step 2: Create a calm energy that will translate to your dog

Step 3: Regularly participate in physical activities with your dog

Step 4: Regularly participate in mental stimulation with your dog

Step 5: Commit to a consistent routine

According to vets, it is actually more accurate to label most hyperactive dogs as hyperkinetic. These pooches do not get acclimatised to normal sights, sounds and smells of their environment, tending to overreact to ordinary stimuli in their daily lives. Seemingly unable to rest, no matter how serene the surroundings. For a more in depth approach to dealing with problem pooches, look no further than internationally renowned Dog trainer, Cesar Millan. Best known for his television show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, the eponymous personality is famous for preaching his credo of fostering a calm and submissive state for dogs. If you are up to the task of instilling a paradigm shift for your hyperkinetic pups, the following is andepth process that Cesar Millan formulated, in order to aid fledging dog-daddies and mommies around the world.

Ignorance is Bliss​

Dogs seek attention; by giving in to their outbursts, you are reinforcing the very problematic behaviour you are trying to eliminate. The next time your dog is overexcited, try no touching, no talking and no eye contact. You might be surprised how quickly the dog calms down.

Give Your Dog A Job​

Hyperactivity stems from psychological needs as well as physical ones. By giving a dog a job to do, you remove his hyperactivity by redirecting his energy elsewhere. For instance, having your dog put on a backpack with some weight will keep your dog focussed on carrying rather than get distracted.

Check Yourself​

Are you in a calm, assertive state of mind? Are you projecting a confident pack leader energy? Or have you been stressed over the worries of the week? Nervous or anxious moods can affect the energy of your dog. Your projection will be reflected, so be the pack leader and remain in tune with your energy.

Go For A Walk​

A vigorous dog walk is an excellent way to redirect built-up energy where you want it to go. Once you have aided in burning away the excess energy, your dog should be pleasantly exhausted and too spent to jump or nip about. Without frustration, your dog will find it much easier to relax.

Sniff Sniff​

Dogs experience the world primarily through scent. Just like how the smell of lavender can relax human beings, a soothing smell will also have very calming effects on your pooch. Talk to your veterinarian to discover smells that may work specifically for your dog, and which dispersal method is safest for him.

Adapted from Pet Lovers Centre Magazine – Issue 12

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