Basic Guide to Buying and Taking Care of a Betta Fish in Singapore

Also known as Siamese fighting fish, Betta fish is a popular choice among pet owners due to their beautiful fins, bright colours and aggressive temperament.

There are many beautiful types of Betta fish around the world, just take a look at some of them!

Read on to find out more about buying and taking care of a Betta fish in Singapore.

Betta Fish Facts
Common namesBetta, Siamese Fighting Fish, Plakat, Siamese Fighter
Lifespan (in the wild)12-18 months
Lifespan (domesticated)18-30 month
Water temperature25 - 26.5°C
Water parameterspH 6 - 7.5
Water hardness5 - 20° dH
Sexual maturity age3 months old
*Potential tank matesGuppy, glass catfish, ghost shrimp, ember tetras, dwarf crayfish

*You should avoid keeping your Betta with fish that are bigger in size, have big fins, are bright in colour or have the tendency to nibble. situs judi bola

Buying a Betta fish in Singapore

Where can I buy one?

Bettas can be found at most fish shops, fish farms and aquariums in Singapore.

You can also find them being sold at Pet Lovers Centre retail shops for $25.

How much does one cost?

The price of a Betta fish varies depending on the rarity of its breed. Generally, getting one will set you back by about $20.

Estimated initial costs

Apart from the pet itself, there are a number of other items you’ll need to purchase before you’re ready to rear your fish.

Fish tank accessories: $15 – $80
Filter: $30 – $50
Heater and thermometer: $15 – $30
Lighting and hoods: $20 – $30
Aquarium decorations: $10 – $30
Live plants: $10 – $30

Estimated annual recurring costs

Your Betta will also need essentials like food and medication to survive, and these contribute to the annual recurring costs you will incur.

Fish food: $50 – $150
Medication: $15 – $20
Aquarium care and maintenance: $30 – $40

The stated costs should only be used as estimates as they may vary.

Feeding your Betta fish

What do they eat?

As they are carnivorous creatures, their meals should be meaty and packed with proteins.

Freeze dried bloodworms are a good food option for your Betta as they are protein-rich. Pellets are also a decent choice as they are considered to be of high quality and have high nutritional value.

Type of Food
Recommended Product
Freeze dried bloodworms
Freeze Dried BloodwormsFreeze Fried Bloodworms (Today S)
PelletsBetta Pellet (Azoo)
Brine shrimp
Brine ShrimpBrine Shrimp (DAJANA)
DaphniaDaphnia (Aquaone)

How much and how often should they be fed?

Feed them twice daily

Bettas should be fed twice a day – once in the morning, and once at night. You can give them between 2-3 medium sized pellets (or about 1.8g worth of food) per feeding session.

Observe for abnormal behaviour while feeding

While feeding, it’s good to observe your fish and look out for any abnormal behaviour. Underfeeding or overstuffing your Betta may cause it to suffer from a host of health problems. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful of how much food you give it.

Other things to note when feeding them

Remove excess food after meals

After your fish has had its fill, all excess food should be removed immediately as leaving them in the water will result in them disintegrating into toxic material.

Fast once a week

You can consider getting your fish to fast once per week. This helps to regulate its stomach and bowel movement, and prevents issues like bloating.

Betta fish tank setup and maintenance

A comfortable living environment for your Betta can keep it happy and improve its quality of life.

How to choose a suitable fish tank

Ensure your tank is big enough

A suitable fish tank for your Betta would be one where it can swim around comfortably. If you plan to house other fish together with your Betta, the tank should be at least 10 gallons in size.

Has a functioning filter system

Tanks with a built-in filter system is ideal as it helps remove waste material.

Avoid using an air pump

An aquarium air pump will produce air bubbles and destabilise the water current in the tank.

What is the optimal fish tank size?

While the tank size for your Betta should be at least 2.5 gallons large, the recommended tank size is 5 gallons.

Image Credit: 5 Gallon Betta Fish Aquarium

A larger tank is easier to clean and maintain, and ensures your Betta remains in the pink of health.

How often should I change the water?

You should change the water in your tank at least once a week. Otherwise, your fish tank may start to get cloudy.

If your Betta is kept in an unfiltered tank, you should replace between 30-50% of the water weekly. If it lives in a filtered tank, changing 20% of the water each week will be sufficient.

In general, you should change more water if your tank is small, and less water if your tank is big.

How do I change the water?

1. Fill up a bucket with tap water.

2. Add dechlorinator to the bucket of water and stir well.
3. Check that the water in the bucket and in the fish tank have similar temperatures
4. Carefully pour the dechlorinated water into the tank.

What is the ideal temperature and pH level?

Betta fish thrive in pH levels of between 6 – 7.5 and temperatures of about 26 – 30°C.

Aquarium heaters and thermometers are good tools to monitor and maintain the temperature of the water in your tank. Water stabiliser salt is also useful in balancing pH levels, combating against parasites and reducing the stress of your fish.

Raising a Betta fish in Singapore

Even though Betta fishes are considered a low maintenance pet breed, owners still have to be diligent in feeding them daily and cleaning their tank weekly.

You can learn more about them by reading our article on the FAQs about Betta fishes.

Remember that raising a Betta fish in Singapore is like raising any other pet, it should be done with lots of care and love.


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