8 Best Dog Food for Allergies Recommended by Vets and Pet Experts

When it comes to food allergies, any type of food consumed may potentially cause adverse effects on the body.

Here’s how you can tell if your dog is allergic to something:
Some allergic reactions include rashes, redness, flaky skin, diarrhoea/soft stools, bloating or vomiting.

In this article, we share 8 of the best dog food for allergies (backed by pet experts)!

How to Identify What Food Your Dog is Allergic to

Having food allergies is very unfortunate as the food that should be nourishing our dogs is making them sick.

To date, the most effective way to identify the allergen is to do diet restrictions and food elimination. This has to be done systematically to obtain an accurate conclusion.

Once the food or ingredient that your dog is allergic to has been determined, it should be entirely removed from his diet.

Therefore, finding the best food for your allergic dog is dependent on what he’s allergic to.

– Cheryl Dayotao, Pet Care Consultant of Pet Lovers Centre

Dog bending down to eat from bowl

The most common food allergens are

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Eggs

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food Products for Dogs with Allergies

Here’s a list of the best dog food for allergies recommended by vets and pet experts.

You’re advised to determine what your pet is allergic to before seeking the following recommendations.

1st Choice Duck Food for Adult Dogs

1st Choice Duck Food for Adult Dogs

Commercial pet food that’s 100% hypoallergenic doesn’t exist, since pets react differently to allergens. However, a hydrolysed diet is the closest to this ideal.

Hydrolysis is the process of using water to chemically break down proteins into small pieces. What this does is that that the immune system doesn’t react to the consumption of such food, preventing any allergic reactions.

A hydrolysed diet is usually prescribed by vets to treat food allergies in dogs. Based on my experience, about 2/3 of dog owners reported a long-term allergy relief after this vet diet trial.

Therefore, I recommend 1st Choice’s duck food as this premium recipe contains hydrolysed fish and chicken liver hydrolysate.

Backed by: Claudine Sievert, Veterinary Doctor
Volunteer Veterinary Consultant at Pet Rescue Organisation

Little Big Paw Duck with Blueberries, Courgette and Pumpkin

Little Big Paw Duck with Blueberries, Courgette and Pumpkin

Generally, if you have a dog with allergies, you’ll want to go for a limited ingredient diet. These foods are designed to have fewer ingredients while still maximising its nutritional value.

Having fewer ingredients means that you’ll have an easier time trying to figure out what ingredient your dog is not reacting well to.

Also, make sure that whatever food you choose has a single protein source.

This recipe by Little Big Paw features a fairly short ingredient list and each ingredient is packed with nutrients and has a low risk of causing allergic reactions.

  • Duck (the main protein) is a fairly novel protein source – helps to alleviate allergies
  • Courgette and pumpkin – vegetables that are filled with fibre
  • Blueberries – fruit that contains essential vitamins and minerals
Backed by: Meg Marrs, Founder and CEO of K9 of Mine

Little Big Paw Tender Duck and Vegetable Dinner

Little Big Paw Tender Duck & Vegetable Dinner

Most dogs that I have allergy tested are allergic to chicken or beef. Duck is usually one of the first proteins that I look for to feed dogs with allergies.

Thus, Little Big Paw’s duck and vegetable dinner would be suitable for most dogs with chronic food allergies.


  • it’s easily digestible,
  • contains Vitamin A, B, D and E to improve immune system and
  • contains fatty acids to nourish joints, skin and coat.
Backed by: Sara Ochoa, DVM
Veterinary Consultant of doglab

Little Big Paw Steamed Atlantic Salmon and Vegetables

Little Big Paw Steamed Atlantic Salmon and Vegetables

The most common dog food allergies are against beef, dairy products, chicken and wheat. Unfortunately, these ingredients are widely used in commercially available dog food.

That’s why it’s especially important to search for a compatible food and seek out expert advice on what food might be the best solution for your dog’s allergies.

This Little Big Paw recipe has

  • Atlantic salmon – rich in protein and omega oils
  • carrots, potatoes and green peas – vegetables to promote digestion and provide energy
  • vitamins, minerals and herbs – support immune system and wellbeing

Plus, it also tastes good and is suitable for small dogs that are picky eaters.

Backed by: Steffi Trott, Owner and Founder of SpiritDog Training

Little Big Paw Turkey and Vegetable Dinner Pot

Little Big Paw Turkey and Vegetable Dinner Pot

For dogs allergic to chicken or beef, turkey is a great alternative that’s highly nutritious. It’s also one of the leanest meats which offers low-fat content with a reduced risk of an allergic reaction.

Furthermore, this formula by Little Big Paw

  • contains vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and green peas to boost your pet’s energy and aid digestion and
  • has key vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy coat and strong joints.

Best of all, there are no additives and everything is completely natural.

Backed by: Jeff Carbridge, Dog Trainer and Expert of Dogowner

Little Big Paw Chicken with Green Beans, Pepper and Sweet Potato

Little Big Paw chicken with green beans, pepper and sweet potato

Many dogs, like senior dogs or dogs with teeth issues, may have a hard time chewing hard foods such as dry dog food or kibble. These are also the same dogs that usually have food allergies.

That’s why pet parents are always on the hunt for high-quality, hypoallergenic, soft food choices for dogs.

This product by Little Big Paw is great as it comes in an easy-to-use can for dog owners. On the nutrition side of things, it’s

  • hypoallergenic and easy to chew
  • made with 100% natural ingredients

Top ingredients include chicken, green beans, peppers, and sweet potato – all of which are highly palatable and easy on sensitive stomachs.

Backed by: Jessica Kirk, DVM of Vet Explains Pets

Burp! Lamb with Salmon for Adult Dogs

Burp! Lamb with Salmon for Adult Dogs

If you’ve got a dog that suffers from allergies, you know how difficult it can be to find a food that hits all of the high points of a quality diet while still remaining free from common allergens.

This Burp! product delivers on taste and nutrients; some of which include DHA, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support healthy hair, skin, and cognitive function.


  • Lamb – rich in protein
  • Salmon – rich in Omega-3
Backed by: Lynda Taylor, Experienced Dog Trainer and Behaviourist of Breed Advisor

Burp! Chicken with Salmon for Senior Dogs

Burp! Chicken with Salmon for Senior Dogs

This hypoallergenic formula by Burp! has all ingredients you’d like your dog to consume if they require a special, delicate diet.


  • Chicken

Provides protein as a main energy source and to build muscles.

  • Salmon

Rich in omega-3 has multiple benefits including enhancing joint and bone health for senior dogs, reduces inflammation to alleviate arthritis and boosts overall immune system.

Read more: Can dogs eat fish?

Backed by: Davor Bobek, Co-owner and Co-founder of World Dog Finder

Choosing the Best Food for Your Allergic Dog

Each dog responds differently to each ingredient. Therefore, the key is to use food elimination consistently to determine the allergen.

Some pawrents even recommend opting for raw dog food to help their pets reduce their allergic reactions. However, this may be a controversial take. Meatless dog food may also be a good option to consider.

For a more accurate diagnosis and treatment method, seek advice from your veterinary clinic.


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