11 Best Dog Beds in Singapore for Small, Medium and Large Dogs with FAQs Answered

Getting the right dog bed for your pet will improve their sleep and quality of life. But, how do you decide on one when there are so many products in the market and so many factors to consider? 

In this article, we surveyed 205 pet parents to see what factors they consider the most important when choosing a dog bed. Read on as we share their insights and the best dog bed recommendations!

Most Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dog Bed (Survey Statistics)

Infographic - Factors to consider when choosing a dog bed (survey statistics)

We conducted a survey with 205 local pet parents to ask them about the top factors that they considered when choosing a dog bed. Here are the results!

#1 Factor: Material

49.8% of pet parents chose material as the #1 deciding factor when choosing a bed for their pet, 26.8% chose it as their #2 deciding factor and 11.7% as their #3. More specifically, they are particular about how comfortable the material is, and whether the material is non-toxic and safe for their furkids. 

Some pawrents also mentioned that the beds have to be
cooling enough for Singapore’s weather and
sturdy and indestructible to prevent aggressive chewers from destroying it.

#2 Factor: Price

The next thing that most parents consider is the price point — 19.5% cited it as their #1 factor, 21% as their #2 and 29.8% as their #3. This is no surprise as we all know it’s pretty expensive to own a dog in Singapore.

In fact, SingSaver estimated the total cost of owning a dog for 10 years to be $17,484. And this is excluding the initial cost of buying or adopting the dog, the expenditure after 10 years of age and any additional expenses should they fall ill. A dog bed is part of the many expenses to consider!

#3 Factor: Size

The size of a dog varies quite a bit due to the many different breeds available. Thus, 11.7% of local pawrents named size of the bed as their #1 deciding factor, 23.4% as their #2 and 25.4% as their #3. 

Some also mentioned that the way their dog sleeps (i.e. curled up or stretched out) will determine the size of the bed chosen.

“If buying online, always double confirm the size of the bed or really measure how long your doggo is – we once underestimated the length of our furkid thinking 45cm is ‘quite big what’ when we bought her first few beds 😜”

— Mummy of @cocothejapchin and @scoobydoodle._.doo

#4 Factor: Design

Ranked at #4, the design of the dog bed was chosen by 11.2% of pawrents as their #1 factor, 20.5% as their #2 and 22.9% as their #3. 

After considering its functionality, it’s only natural for pawrents to consider the aesthetic. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a dog bed that’s both functional and fits into the interior theme of your home? 😍

“Do a thorough research about what kind of bed your dog needs at different life stages rather than bandwagon on whatever’s popular in the market. Older dogs will need beds with better joint support so they can get up easier after naps or long sleeps.

Every dog has different needs and preferences when it comes to fabric materials as well so that’s something to take into consideration too!”

Other common factors cited include being machine washable or easy to clean! This improves convenience for keeping up with hygiene.

Brand reputation and popularity are also considered as pawrents tend to trust long-standing brands and tried and tested products that are recommended by other pawrents.

One pawrent also quoted:
“Please do get a dog bed because once your dog overtakes your own bed, there’s no going back.”

Best Beds For Small Dogs

1. Chill Kuzzi Far Infrared Dual-Bolster Crate Pad

Key features
  • Fits most standard-size crates
  • Raised rims for better sense of security
  • MaterialsFaux-fur fabric
    Dimensions43.1 x 58.4cm

    Perfect for pets needing extra comfort during stressful events or those with age-related aches, the Chill Kuzzi Far Infrared Dual Bolster Crate Pad is available in Small and Medium sizes. This innovative dog bed uses Chill Kuzzi technology with Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Therapy to enhance blood circulation and oxygen flow, calming and relaxing your pet while reducing anxiety, muscle fatigue, and joint pain.

    2. Chill Kuzzi Far Infrared Blanket

    Key features
  • Soft and plush feel for your pup's comfort.
  • Stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow
  • MaterialFaux-fur fabric
    Dimensions76 x 102cm

    The Chill Kuzzi Far Infrared Blanket merges comfort with cutting-edge technology, designed for dogs who find bliss in simple floor lounging. Wrapped in this blanket, your pup can enjoy the luxurious FIR warmth anywhere, be it on your living room sofa or in the backseat during a family drive. It’s the perfect companion for joint comfort, recovery, and on-the-go cosiness, ensuring your pet’s favourite spot is wherever you are.

    3. Dog Gone Smart Chenille Donut Bed

    Whether you have a puppy or a small breed like a Toy Poodle or Dachshund, these dog beds will give them an optimum space to retreat to after a long day of play. 

    Dog Gone Smart Chenille Donut Bed
    Key features
  • Bolster design
  • Plush memory fibre
  • MaterialChenille yarn, faux fleece

    Crafted with upholstery grade chenille fabric, this durable and luxuriously soft bed hides dirt well while providing ultimate comfort. 

    The memory fibre-filled bolster offers maximum support and accommodates various sleeping positions. The bed also features a cuddly faux fleece sleep surface, ensuring optimum nuzzling comfort.

    4. Trustie Lounger Bed – Pineapple

    Trustie Lounger Bed - Pineapple
    Key features
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • High bolstered sides
  • MaterialPolyester
    Dimensions35cm x 30cm x 12cm

    Your pup will lounge in style with this fun, tropical pineapple bed! Stuffed with lots of fluffy filling along with bolstered sides, this is the perfect option for pets who like plush surfaces. The dotted oxford bottom also makes this bed anti-slip – even on wet floors. 

    5. Trustie Watermelon Style Pet Bed

    Trustie Watermelon Style Pet Bed
    Key features
  • Covered top
  • Hanging vine toy
  • MaterialOxford fabric
    Dimensions45cm x 45cm x 12cm

    Another fun fruity choice, this watermelon dog bed features a sheltered top which gives your pet a dim cosy nook to sleep in. For playful pets, they’ll enjoy the hanging vine toy that they can claw and bite at instead of your precious furniture. 

    Best Beds For Medium Dogs

    Discover a range of options that effortlessly blend comfort and style, specifically curated for medium-sized dog breeds such as Shetland Sheepdogs and Golden Retrievers.

    6. Trustie Memory Foam Sofa Bed

    Trustie Memory Foam Sofa Bed
    Key features
  • Memory foam
  • Removable and machine-washable cover
  • Water-resistant inner protection cover
  • MaterialPolyester
    Dimensions122cm x 76cm x 23cm

    For the pampered pet, this memory foam dog bed will contour and support your dog’s body with every use. The velvet-like fabric case gives a luxe feel and is machine-washable for easy clean-up. A water-resistant inner cover also ensures that pee doesn’t leak through!

    7. Trustie Bed With Pillow

    Trustie Bed With Pillow
    Key features
  • Added pillow
  • Flat, open surface
  • MaterialOxford fabric, cotton
    Dimensions76cm x 51cm x 13cm

    Always matching with your pet? This dog bed replicates the bed we humans lay on every night, pillow included! For dogs that like to sprawl instead of curling up, this bed provides plenty of space to do so. 

    Moreover, the anti-slip bottom is a great feature that prevents your pet from getting injured. This is especially so if your furry friend has the habit of jumping from your sofa or bed to his own dog bed. The anti-slip bottom ensures that the bed remains stable and in place even when jumped on, so your dog can avoid any potential sprains or dislocations.

    8. Trustie Lattice Printed Pet Bed

    Trustie Lattice Printed Pet Bed
    Key features
  • Easy-to-clean fabric
  • Extra plush cushioning
  • MaterialCotton, polyester
    Dimensions57cm x 52cm x 14cm

    This beautiful lattice print dog bed will add a stylish touch to any home. Not compromising on cosiness, this bed boasts an incredibly cushioned bottom which is great for dogs with weaker joints. 

    Best Beds For Large Dogs

    Large dogs deserve a comfy bed to kick back too! These options are great for bigger breeds like Greyhounds and Boxers.

    9. Dog Gone Smart Chill Kuzzi Far Infrared Round Bed

    Key features
  • FIR technology for a therapeutic environment
  • Calms pups down in stressful situations
  • MaterialFaux-fur fabric
    Dimensions91cm x 91cm x 38cm

    The Dog Gone Smart Round Bed, featuring a cosy fur interior and Chill Kuzzi bio-mineral finish, harnesses your dog’s natural energy to enhance cell activity, leading to better body functions and circulation. Ideal for dogs with anxiety or those expending a lot of energy daily, it supports overall well-being, making it a perfect choice for promoting relaxation and recovery.

    10. Dog Gone Smart Chenille Rectangle

    Key features
  • Plush memory fibre
  • Removable cover for easy washing
  • High-density insert cushion for comfort
  • MaterialChenille yarn, memory-spring poly fiberfill
    Dimensions76 x 102cm

    Combining luxury and durability with its high-quality chenille fabric, this is perfect for dogs who love to relax in style. This bed’s cushion is packed with memory fibre, ensuring your pup enjoys maximum support for a restful sleep.

    Its soft, textured surface not only hides dirt effectively but also provides a cosy spot for your dog to curl up, nestle, and enjoy various sleeping positions.

    11. Trustie Houndstooth Print Mat

    Trustie Houndstooth Print Mat
    Key features
  • Large, flat surface
  • Multi-purpose use
  • MaterialPolyester, Oxford fabric
    Dimensions86cm x 57cm x 7cm

    For our silly pets who prefer lying on the floor rather than any plush dog beds we get them, this dog mat may just be the thing that’ll get them off the floor. Cushy enough to provide support for joints, this versatile mat can also be placed in your car, on your sofa or brought along for trips with your pup. 

    Dog Bed Accessories

    Your dog’s bed isn’t complete without accessories. Here are some of our favourites to enhance your pet’s lounging experience. 

    Dog Gone Smart Itchy Witchy Essential Oils Blanket

    Key features
  • Non-staining bio-reactive polymer
  • Natural, non-toxic essential oils to relieve itching
  • MaterialBio-reactive polymer
    Dimensions76 x 102cm

    The Itchy Witchy blanket, with its advanced nano-encapsulated technology, is a cosy solution for dogs with skin discomfort. Its microfibre fabric, embedded with essential oils like cinnamon and lavender, activates with touch to soothe and relieve itching.

    Trustie Pet Cooling Round Mat

    Trustie Pet Cooling Round Mat
    Key features
  • Cool gel filling
  • Puncture-resistant
  • MaterialSynthetic

    This ice-cream inspired gel mat is perfect to keep your pet cool in Singapore’s weather. Use it on its own or put it on top of your dog’s bed for instant heat relief. This portable mat doesn’t require you to chill or freeze it to keep it cool, so use it indoors or bring it out for your next picnic!

    Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Cushion

    Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Cushion
    Key features
  • Removable and machine-washable cover
  • Water-resistant inner liner
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • MaterialMicrofibre
    Dimensions57cm x 90cm

    For pups that are going through crate training, this cushion fits nicely in most standard-sized crates and provides a comfortable pad for your dog to lie on. The antimicrobial, microfibre cushion is also machine-washable in case any accidents happen. 

    FAQs About Dog Beds

    We all know that our dogs need a comfortable space to sleep. While they can sleep almost anywhere at any time, a dog bed would provide them with a safe and comfortable place to retreat to when they need time alone. This will also help to instil discipline as they’ll be trained to sleep in a designated space.

    That’s a common misconception! Dogs actually need firm beds that aren’t too soft, as this will provide sufficient support for their joints. This is especially true for senior dogs who may find it hard to get in and out of bed. Common materials that pawrents opt for are polyester, microfibre and suede.

    An elevated bed provides ventilation which is great for Singapore’s warm weather. It also provides firm and even support for younger dogs. However, this may not be the best option for senior dogs as they’ll have trouble getting up and down unless a small flight of stairs is provided.

    While some dogs may prefer a larger, flatter bed to sprawl on, owners should consider one that isn’t too flat so that there’s sufficient cushioning for their pets’ joints.

    Dogs love cuddles and that’s the comfort that blankets bring them! If your dog sleeps in an air-conditioned room, you can consider providing him with a blanket to keep him warm. But if he’s sleeping in a non-airconditioned room, he may not need a blanket in Singapore’s weather.

    Dog beds should be washed thoroughly once a week, or at least once every 2 weeks to prevent any infestations of fleas and ticks. In between washes, you may also want to vacuum the bed regularly. To make cleaning up easier, pawrents are advised to get a bed that’s machine washable!

    Depending on your dog’s behaviour and traits, here are some places you can consider:

    • If your dog likes sleeping with you: Place the dog bed in your bedroom or near your bed.
    • If your pup is sensitive to loud noises and is a light sleeper: Have the dog bed in low-foot traffic areas which may include a secondary bedroom or study.
    • If he’s picky: Choose a spot where your dog always lies at in your home and place the dog bed there.


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