205 Pawrents Tell Us What To Consider When Buying The Best Dog Bed In Singapore + Recommendations

Getting the right dog bed for your pet will improve their sleep and quality of life. But, how do you decide on one when there are so many products in the market and so many factors to consider? 

In this article, we surveyed 205 pet parents to see what factors they consider as the most important when choosing a dog bed. Read on as we share their insights and the best dog bed recommendations!

Most Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dog Bed (Survey Statistics)

We conducted a survey with 205 local pet parents to ask them about the top 3 factors that they considered when choosing a dog bed. Here are the results! 

Infographic - Factors to consider when choosing a dog bed (survey statistics)

#1 Factor: Material

49.8% of pet parents chose material as the #1 deciding factor when choosing a bed for their pet, 26.8% chose it as their #2 deciding factor and 11.7% as their #3. More specifically, they are particular about how comfortable the material is, and whether the material is non-toxic and safe for their furkids. 

Some pawrents also mentioned that the beds have to be
cooling enough for Singapore’s weather and
sturdy and indestructible to prevent aggressive chewers from destroying it.

#2 Factor: Price

The next thing that most parents consider is the price point — 19.5% cited it as their #1 factor, 21% as their #2 and 29.8% as their #3. This is no surprise as we all know it’s pretty expensive to own a dog in Singapore.

In fact, SingSaver estimated the total cost of owning a dog for 10 years to be $17,484. And this is excluding the initial cost of buying or adopting the dog, the expenditure after 10 years of age and any additional expenses should they fall ill. A dog bed is part of the many expenses to consider!

#3 Factor: Size

The size of a dog varies quite a bit due to the many different breeds available. Thus, 11.7% of local pawrents named size of the bed as their #1 deciding factor, 23.4% as their #2 and 25.4% as their #3. 

Some also mentioned that the way their dog sleeps (i.e. curled up or stretched out) will determine the size of the bed chosen.

“If buying online, always double confirm the size of the bed or really measure how long your doggo is – we once underestimated the length of our furkid thinking 45cm is ‘quite big what’ when we bought her first few beds 😜”

— Mummy of @cocothejapchin and @scoobydoodle._.doo

#4 Factor: Design

Ranked at #4, the design of the dog bed was chosen by 11.2% of pawrents as their #1 factor, 20.5% as their #2 and 22.9% as their #3. 

After considering its functionality, it’s only natural for pawrents to consider the aesthetic. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a dog bed that’s both functional and fits into the interior theme of your home? 😍

“Do a thorough research about what kind of bed your dog needs at different life stages rather than bandwagon on whatever’s popular in the market. Older dogs will need beds with better joint support so they can get up easier after naps or long sleeps.

Every dog has different needs and preferences when it comes to fabric materials as well so that’s something to take into consideration too!”

Other common factors cited include being machine washable or easy to clean! This improves convenience for keeping up with hygiene.

Brand reputation and popularity are also considered as pawrents tend to trust long-standing brands and tried and tested products that are recommended by other pawrents.

One pawrent also quoted: 

“Please do get a dog bed because once your dog overtakes your own bed, there’s no going back.”

I think this is relatable to many dog parents 😂

Best Dog Beds For Small To Medium Dogs

1. For the princess: Trustie Round Polka Dot Bed (Pink)


Material: Polyester plush fabric
Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 18cm

This plush fabric bed by Trustie provides maximum comfort and the round design allows your pet to feel secure — great for dogs who love to curl up when they sleep. The pink colour with polka dots add on to the overall look, fit for a diva or princessy pup to show off their style!

2. For the cavepup: Trustie Igloo Sloth Shape (Coffee)


Material: Polyester (exterior), plush and fleece (interior)
Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 35cm

If your pup enjoys snuggling up in a more enclosed space, this sloth igloo bed would be perfect! The exterior of this bed is made with premium quality, durable polyester while the interior is plush and fleece. It’s easy to clean and provides your pup with a better sense of security.

3. For the camper: Trustie Camping House (Blue)


Hand washable (cover) — 30°C and below

Material: Cotton (denim blue), polyester cotton (striped fabric)
Dimensions: 45cm x 40cm x 43cm

For small to medium sized dogs who enjoy camping, this camping house offers a safe and private space to retreat to. Plus, if you need to bring it around or when it’s not in use, this bed is foldable to save space! 

4. For maximum support: Trustie Memory Foam Lounge Bed (Blue)


Machine washable (cover)

Material: Water-resistant memory foam
Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm x 12cm

This memory foam lounge bed is ideal for dogs of all ages, especially senior dogs, as it contours to their body shape. With a highly comfortable velvet texture, it provides maximum comfort and support.

Additionally, its water-resistant properties makes it extremely durable as accidental spills will not reach the inner surface.

5. For the superhero: Trustie Woof Pet Bed (Blue)


Machine washable (cover) — 30°C and below

Material: Oxford fabric
Dimensions: 70cm x 45cm x 10cm

This one’s for the dog who aspires to be a superhero! Featuring a “WOOF!!” sign in comic design, we can’t help but imagine a dog wearing a superhero onesie sleeping on it. This bed comes with a firm yet comfy cushion that retains its shape well, suitable for senior dogs who are young at heart.

6. For the foodie: Trustie Pastry Wonderland Pineapple Bun Pet Bed


Hand washable (cover) — 30°C and below

Material: Polyester short plush fabric
Dimensions: 70cm x 70cm  x 10cm

Have a dog who loves eating all kinds of food? Trustie has a yummy-looking pineapple bun bed made for foodies! Using non-slip polyester short plush fabric, this bed is comfortable, cute and adds a pop of colour and fun to your home.

Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

7. For the aspiring astronaut: Trustie Planet Pet Bed (Silver)


Hand washable (cover)
Wipe silver portion using wet cloth

Material: Polyester, oxford fabric
Dimensions: 80cm x 55cm x 23cm

The reflective silver exterior of this bed coupled with the planets and rockets design for the cushion really screams outer space! Made with soft fabric, your medium to large sized dog can go to bed dreaming about their astronaut adventures. This bed also comes with a detachable mat that can be placed on top or below it.

8. For the water lover: Trustie Self-cooling Pet Bed (Blue)


Wipe using wet cloth

Material: Waterproof oxford fabric
Dimensions: 90cm x 90cm x 4.5cm

Dogs can swim naturally, but some are huge fans of being in the water! This pet bed provides the illusion of a swimming pool, while having self-cooling properties that are great for dogs that feel warm easily. The generously-filled cushion also provides additional softness to get their beauty sleep.

Best Dog Beds For All Sizes

9. For the stylish: Kong Lounger Bed (Light Grey + Orange Piping)


Machine washable

Material: Fabric (exterior), polyester fibrefill (interior)
Dimensions: 55cm x 51cm (Small), 66cm x 61cm (Medium), 81cm x 70cm (Large), 94cm x 78cm (Extra large)

This KONG dog bed is made with high-quality, durable fabric that’s so soft that your dog will be fully recharged after every nap. The light grey colour with orange piping is so stylish that it can match any interior theme. The best part is that it’s machine washable!

10. For the minimalist: Dog Gone Smart Microfibre and Suede Rectangle Bed


Machine washable (cover)

Material: Suede, microfibre 
Dimensions: 65cm x 85cm (Medium), 70cm x 100cm (Large), 90cm x 100cm (Extra large)

For ultimate comfort, Dog Gone Smart’s rectangle bed is made with suede and microfibre. Pawrents will be happy to know that the bed is antimicrobial and the microfibre cover is machine washable! It also has an anti-slip bottom to hold the bed in place at all times.

11. For the luxurious: Dog Gone Smart Chenille Rectangle Bed (Blue + Green Trim)


Machine washable (cover) — Warm and gentle cycle with mild detergent. Tumble dry at low heat.

Material: Chenille fabric (exterior), plush memory fibre (interior)
Dimensions: 66cm x 86cm (Medium), 76cm x 102cm (Large), 85cm x 115cm (Extra large)

Dog Gone Smart has created a long-lasting and luxurious dog bed using high-quality Chenille fabric. On top of being extremely soft, this material tends to hide dirt well. The filling of the bed is memory-spring poly fibre, which offers maximum support and comfort for dogs of all ages and sizes. 

12. For better air circulation: Savic Snooze Bed (Red)


Wipe using wet cloth

Material: Polyprolyne
Dimensions: 60cm x 42cm x 20cm (Small), 70cm x 49cm x 23cm (Medium), 117cm x 80cm x 34cm (Extra extra large)

The Snooze Bed by Savic has a lowered entrance for easy access for young, senior or sick dogs. It is designed such that it has maximum ventilation via the perforated holes and the curved design allows pets to rest snuggly. Because it’s made of plastic, this dog bed is extremely easy to clean! 

13. For additional comfort: Savic Snooze Cushion


Machine washable — 30°C and below using gentle cycle

Material: Polyester (exterior), non-woven polyester fibre (interior)
Dimensions: 52cm x 35cm (Small), 62cm x 41cm (Medium), 71cm x 48cm (Large), 88cm x 59cm (Extra large), 105cm x 68cm (Extra extra large)

For additional body hugging comfort on top of Savic’s Snooze Bed, get the soft Snooze Cushion. Otherwise, the cushion can also be placed directly on the floor. This reversible cushion comes with a black colour on top and chocolate colour at the bottom so you can use any side you like. 

FAQs About Dog Beds

Do dogs actually like dog beds?

We all know that our dogs need a comfortable space to sleep. While they can sleep almost anywhere at any time, a dog bed would provide them with a safe and comfortable place to retreat to when they need time alone. This will also help to instil discipline as they’ll be trained to sleep in a designated space. 

Do dogs need a soft bed to sleep on?

That’s a common misconception! Dogs actually need firm beds that aren’t too soft, as this will provide sufficient support for their joints. This is especially true for senior dogs that may find it hard to get in and out of bed. Common materials that pawrents opt for are polyester, microfibre and suede.

Are high beds bad for dogs?

An elevated bed may be good for younger dogs to provide ventilation (great for Singapore’s warm weather) and firm, even support. However, this may not be the best option for senior dogs as they’ll have trouble jumping up and down unless a small flight of stairs is provided.

Do dogs need blankets to sleep?

Dogs love cuddles and that’s the comfort that blankets bring them! If your dog sleeps in an airconditioned room, you can consider providing him with a weighted blanket for additional comfort. But if he’s sleeping in a non-airconditioned room, he may not need a blanket in Singapore’s weather.

How often should you wash the dog bed?

Dog beds should be washed thoroughly at least once a week or once every two weeks at the very least. In between washes, you’re also advised to vacuum the bed regularly. To improve convenience, pet parents are advised to get a bed that’s machine washable!

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