If you think being a seasoned pet owner makes you know it all, think twice. We’ve heard conversations down the pet food aisle between owners on how well they understand their furkid. But sometimes, these conversations shock you.They believe in hearsays and never research on how true they are. In turn, pet owners use these as a guiding posts on their furkids. To save us once and for all, here are the most commonly heard myths and we will debunk them for good!

Let the dog lick your wound, literally

No, we aren’t referring to licking tears off from your face. Although that could be quite therapeutic and comforting. We are referring open wounds because these owners believe bacteria inside a dog’s mouth is dog-specific hence it won’t harm us. This is definitely untrue! Dogs go around licking and nibbling things in the house and garden, not to mention other dogs’ behind. These harmful bacteria resides temporarily in their mouth and get transferred to these open wounds. The smarter way to deal with a wound is always a first aid box.

Cats hate water

We are sort of sitting on the fence for this. Their coats doesn’t dry easily and this can leave them an uncomfortable and cold feeling. Furthermore, it also weighs the cat down making it less agile. This naturally goes against their natural instinct to run away from danger. We guess if you dry his coat before he could notice, maybe your cat can be a shower loving feline.

Cats purr when they are happy

You are right partially. They do purr when they are happy but they also purr when they are frightened or unwell. This is to comfort themselves or their young. So look out for your cat if he starts to purr excessively. He may not be that happy.

Your dog is sick when he eats grass

Many believe dogs will self medicate by eating grass when they are sick. We have no idea where this saying came from and this is pretty untrue. One of the main reasons why dogs graze on grass is because there is a certain nutrient lacking from their diet or the grass tastes good to them. It is also normal for them to vomit after eating too much of it. You should refrain them from eating grass and assess their diet if it is lacking in certain things. Speak to a vet if necessary.

Guinea pigs eat their young

We’ve heard horror stories of headless pups in the cage after the mother has given birth. But the chances of the mother eating her young is very low. The mother will clean the pups on her own and the placenta and membranes are eaten by the mother or other guinea pigs in the cage. Unlike other rodents, they rarely eat their young. By the way, guinea pigs are vegetarian.

You should only feed your rabbit carrots

If you’re trying to kill them with diabetes, go ahead. Carrots are too high in sugar for rabbits to ingest on a regular basis. Opt for green leafy vegetables to balance their diet.

Go for hypoallergenic breeds if you have kids at home

There isn’t such thing as hypoallergenic breed. And it it also a misconception that allergies come from dog’s fur. It actually comes from the protein in their saliva and urine. These fluids stick to their fur hence the triggering of allergies. If fur is an issue, go with breeds that do not shed as much.

Dogs wag their tail when happy

We all love to come home to a dog with a wagging tail. Subconsciously, we associate that positive vibe with the motion of the tail. However, this is not true. A wagging tail can mean a lot of emotions. Firstly, we have to determine how the tail is wagged.

If the tail is wagged from left to right, it may be an indicator of happiness. On the contrary, a rapid wagging tail in a very low position shows your dog is nervous or anxious. If the tail is high up, this shows there may be sign of danger.

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