Recovery after antibiotics

If your furkid has just ended a round of antibiotics, introducing yogurt into his diet may aid him in achieving better intestinal health. The live acidophilus bacteria in yogurt helps to keep the good bacteria in your dog’s intestines balanced. It also lessens the chance of him getting a yeast infection often caused by antibiotic treatment, especially for puppies that are prone to such infections.

Dry and irritated skin

Grind baby oatmeal in a food processor and then stir it with warm water. Allow your dog to soak in water with this mixture. Dogs with skin allergies, infections and other skin diseases that cause itchiness have been known to show immediate relief when given an oatmeal bath.


Older dogs tend to experience digestive problems with constipation being the most common. If your dog is less active than usual and they appear to be straining when relieving themselves, you may wish to try this home remedy. Simply add pumpkin or diced prunes to their diet to get their digestive system going. Make sure prunes are pitted because the pits are toxic to animals.

Minor cuts or sores

Many dog owners have been using essential oils as one of the “tools” for animal remedies. Lavender oil is one of the most popular oils and it comes with many benefits. It can be used to treat minor cuts and skin sores on your dog due to its powerful antimicrobial, pain relieving, and healing properties. It is gentle enough to be applied directly to the skin. Always visit a vet if the wound requires more attention.

Bee Stings

First remove the stinger then apply a paste made out of baking soda, cold water and vinegar to the affected area. Allow it to sit on the skin for 10 minutes before rinsing off. Apply warm compress on the sting to soothe the pain. For swelling, hives or any other severe allergic reaction caused by bee stings, visit the vet immediately.


This may be one of the most common problems in dogs. Opt for a bland diet or try skipping a meal. You can also introduce plain yogurt (WITHOUT artificial sugars or Xylitol, which are toxic for dogs). Pet parents can also try ginger as it aids in the alleviation of vomiting, belching and burping. Bloody stool or excessive vomiting is a sign that something more severe is going on. Seek medical attention immediately.

Yeast infection

If your dog’s ears have a distinctly foul odor, it could be signs of a yeast infection. This is often caused by water trapped in the ear canal. Mix water with white vinegar (ratio 1:1) and apply once or twice a day into the ear (try using a syringe or dropper to apply the solution).

Fleas and Ticks

Adding a few drops of rose geranium oil to the dog collar can repel ticks and fleas. You can apply one drop directly behind each shoulder blade and one drop near the base of the tail, applied every 3 to 5 days (for larger dogs, 3 to 4 drops may be needed). Rose geranium oil is known to lessen fatigue and boost mood too! You can also opt for off-the-shelf products flea and tick products if you do not have access to these essential oils.

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