Need a little break from the daily grind? Check out these popular cat accounts on Instagram for your daily dose of cute!

1. Nala Cat


Move over Grumpy Cat! Nala is currently the world’s most famous cat. This 8-year-old Siamese/Tabby holds the Guinness World Record for being the Most Popular Cat on Instagram with 4 million followers. It’s not hard to see why—just look at those big round eyes and pudgy cheeks!

2. Atchoumthecat


Atchoum is one cat who looks like he is perpetually having a bad hair day. His rare hypertrichosis condition (also known as ‘werewolf syndrome’) causes this 5-year-old Persian to have unusually long fur but that’s not stopping him from winning our hearts. We just want to reach out and pet this ball of fluff!

3. Venus the Two Face Cat


Venus is really a one of a kind cat and an extremely rare gem. Her prominent split-coloured face features a half with solid black with a green eye and another half with tabby stripes and a blue eye. Her genetic makeup was so intriguing that she was featured on National Geographic—and left genetic scientists baffled!

4. Suki Cat


Have you ever seen a more adventurous cat? Suki is making waves on the internet thanks to her piercing eyes, distinct markings, and picturesque travel snaps. This Bengal beauty has visited many breathtaking places as she accompanies her humans through their sojourns across the great Canadian wilderness.

5. Hamilton The Hipster Cat


If you ever had any doubts about his moustache, Hamilton sets the record straight on his Instagram page where he says, “Yes, it’s real.” This dapper gentleman is always ready to strike a pose, and is also a strong advocate for the adopt don’t shop movement (he was a shelter cat himself). Way to go, Hamilton!

6. Sam


What we would give to have Hamilton and Sam meet IRL! Sam is an all-white cat with only black markings on his tail and forehead giving him the appearance of having brows. Despite his sad (and sometimes shocked) appearance, Sam lives a happy life with his humans after being rescued from the streets back in 2012. Can I have a hug?

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