The recent passing of Karl Lagerfeld taught us one thing – a pet could lead a life of luxury even when its owner has moved on. There are many well known personalities who have willed their fortune to their dear furkid hoping he will be well taken care of after their demise. Some may wonder how is this even possible and is there a chance that such fortune would not be used on the pet? We absolutely have no answer for this. But one thing we know for sure, this isn’t stopping any famous owners from showering their love. Here’re 5 pets who have made it big with their inheritance.


Owned by fashion mastro Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette inherited a chunk of the designer’s $195-300 million. Some may think this cat strikes the jackpot by doing nothing. On the contrary, Choupette was already a millionaire before the passing of Karl Lagerfeld. It was reported that the cat has earned $3 million from two modeling gigs – one for a Japanese beauty product and another for a car brand.


It was reported that the King of pop left $2 million to his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles. Unfortunately, Bubbles was forced to relocate to an animal sanctuary in order to keep it away from Jackson’s newborn.

Gunther III

This German Shepherd currently holds the title of world’s richest pet. He inherited $106million in 1992 from his owner Gunther IV: Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany. And this fortune has ballooned to as much as $372 million due to investments.

Luke and Layla (golden retrievers), Sadie (cocker spaniel), Sunny and Lauren (springer spaniels)

Fret not, their owner Oprah Winfrey is well alive. This billionaire has set aside a trust for these 5 furkids that is believed to be worth $30 million. Let’s do a quick math, this makes each dog richer by $6 million. Definitely easier than striking a lottery.


Well, her name definitely isn’t telling of this dog’s life. The maltese inherited $12 million from her real estate and hotel tycoon owner Leona Helmsley. Unfortunately, her owner wasn’t well liked and they even called her the Queen of Mean. Not only did she bequeathed the dog this large sum of money, Mrs Helmsley didn’t add two of her grandsons into the will. The public shortly transferred their hatred onto this dog. Trouble passed away in December 2011.

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